The California Legislature Returns to Session — Uh Oh

order arial, decease sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>It’s a good news – bad news kind of month.

It’s August so that means the Legislature has returned to Sacramento and now has roughly 4 weeks to wreak as much havoc as humanly possible before they shut the 2015-16 session down. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that at the end of the month they will then return to their respective districts and stay out of our hair until January.  (We need to take advantage of that time to strengthen our defenses!  Will you join us?!)

With Governor Brown’s signature on six of the worst anti-2A bills in our state’s history, (that’s the bad news) the gun community has been slapped awake – eyeballs wide open and ready to fight back.  This is the good news – a silver lining, so to speak, because battling against the anti-gunners requires numbers – and the more armed and informed citizens we can count on, the more effective we all will be.

Here’s a quick run-down on the bills still moving through the legislative process – but remember, all it takes is a majority vote to waive the rules and have a new bill pop up at the eleventh hour. The legislative leadership doesn’t care one bit about transparency or even rules of common decency such as hearing notices, because the less public scrutiny – the better.

The deadline for bills to be passed by both the Senate and the Assembly is midnight on August 31. 2016.

AB 450 – McCarty [D]  OPPOSE

This is a late-in-session gut and amend; it “clarifies” current law regarding concealed weapon permits and mandates the issuing authority to charge a fee which is “sufficient” to cover the cost of issuing and overseeing CCW permits.

AB 466 – McCarty [D]  OPPOSE

This is a late-in-session gut and amend; it will establish a definition of “good cause” to mean that an applicant who applies for a concealed weapons permit must show that they face more potential for harm than the average person.

AB 1664 – Levine [D]  OPPOSE

Amends the definition of an “assault weapon” to include guns equipped with a mechanical magazine locking device requiring the use of a tool to remove a magazine (bullet button).  With the exception of a misdemeanor charge, this bill is a near duplicate of AB 1135 Levine [D] and SB 880 Hall [D], both of which were signed by Governor Brown.

AB 2510 – Linder [R]  SUPPORT

Requires the Attorney General to develop a uniform license that may be used as indicia of proof of licensure throughout the state. Will eliminate confusion between jurisdictions and protect CCW permittees.

SB 1332 – Mendoza [D]   OPPOSE

Establishes onerous restrictions and regulations on the loaning of firearms, and mandates the Department of Justice to modify its registration form so that both spouses and domestic partners may register as the owners of a firearm.

SB 1407 – De Leon [D]   OPPOSE

Requires individuals to obtain approval from the California Department of Justice and receive a DOJ generated serial number before they can legally manufacture a personal firearm. This is a duplicate of AB 857 (Cooper-D) which was signed by Governor Brown.

(For more information on Legislation, CLICK HERE)


You might be wondering why members of the Legislature would continue to push bills that are virtual duplicates of what the Governor signed less than a month ago.  Well, we do too – it makes no sense but we will not let unreasonable behavior keep us from continuing our opposition.

Be armed and informed – now’s the time to be fully engaged, because being asleep at the wheel is more dangerous than ever.  



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