‘The Cat that Changed America’ accepted to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

‘The Cat that Changed America’ about P22 mountain lion, the most famous cat in America, which has been officially accepted by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February (1st-11th).

Are you interested in writing an article on the making of the film to tie in with the film premiere? P22 mountain lion and the wildlife crossing will resonate with many readers who travel the 101.

P22 is a mountain lion living in Griffith Park, and this is his story and that of the Los Angelenos who are concerned about his love life. He made an incredible journey from the Santa Monica Mountains across two of the busiest freeways to make his home in Griffith Park. But now he is trapped, and will never find a mate and is likely to die a lonely bachelor. The film follows Los Angelenos who are trying to help him and build a wildlife crossing to help others like him.

Beth Pratt – “Who can’t relate to being dateless on a Friday night and stuck in traffic?”

You can watch the trailer here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdf_frFS0gM


Here is from the film website https://thecatthatchangedamerica.com/about/:

“P22 is the most famous mountain lion in the world, living in Griffith Park, right in the heart of Los Angeles. He was born in the Santa Monica Mountains, and crossed two of the busiest freeways in America, the 405 and the 101, before he settled in the park. Yet P22 is now trapped, hemmed in by freeways and the urban sprawl, with little chance of ever finding a mate. Now a new documentary film will explore his plight and the development of the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon in Los Angeles. Angelenos and local conservationists alike are battling to help P22 and the mountain lions of the Santa Monica Mountains, as they try to raise $50 million dollars, while facing resistance from public ignorance and the spread of rodenticides.”

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William Hicks

I’m certainly not P.C. when I say that there are too many mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountain range for its carrying capacity. And, there is an assumption that P-22 can’t move to where he could find a mate without the ever-generous taxpayers providing “wildlife corridor’s” that he may never use, regardless of the multi-million dollar proposed spending.