Border Showdown | Save the Kids, or Save the Country?

by Phil Erwin

The hot topic this week is the cold-hearted treatment of illegal-immigrant kids by the Trump administration.

Babies… torn from their parents’ arms!” was the oft-repeated TV-host phrase. And… “That is inconsistent with our our American values!” is the ubiquitous on-camera indictment by Democrats – all occasioned by furiously-shared photos of “kid in cages.”

Of course, no such “tearing from” actually occurred. (If it had, you can be SURE that the video would lead every show!) And the Daily Caller did a deep dive and discovered that most – probably all – of the offending photos were actually from 2014, when Obama was President. Even the most ubiquitously-shared picture purporting to show the angst of said “tearing” was deliberately misleading – a mother had momentarily set her 2-year-old daughter down while being body-searched, prior to boarding a bus with her daughter in her arms.

Nope. No “tearing from” there. But in recent years, almost 200 American families have had their children “torn from their arms” – permanently – by illegal-immigrant murderers, most of whom had been repeatedly deported. Why no Democrat outrage over that? As I recall, when such suffering families were represented at the State of the Union address, not one Democrat stood to respectfully recognize their forced sacrifice!

But some kids were indeed separated from their border-violating “parents” – the familial connections weren’t always certain. So one might ask the hysterics: Exactly which American values were being violated?

Was it Lady Liberty’s poetic invitation to “…the Tired, the Poor, the Hudddled Masses yearning to breathe Free…”? Nope. Were happy to host the world’s needy – just as long as they don’t sneak across our borders without checking in first. Our immigration laws haven’t changed much in decades. Enforcement’s been patchy, but the laws are duly enacted. Enforcing them upholds American “values.”

Was it the “kids in cages” thing? We did see pictures of kids being detained in chain-link “cages” of sorts. Doesn’t seem very hospitable; but detention is only a day or so if the parents agree to be deported. How do those “cages” compare to the circumstances those kids just escaped? And to reiterate: Those images were from the Obama years. The bad political optics were a problem for Obama and crew, so they concocted a “Catch-and-Release” policy, taking the names of border interlopers, giving them a court date, and releasing them into the American wild, never to be heard from again.

We’re now housing kids in facilities that are clean, safe and comfortable. They get meals, medical/dental care, exercise, video entertainments. Phone/Skype to their parents. Nothing like the incendiary “cage” photos, or the “concentration camp” charges being thrown around the newswaves.

We surely don’t relish the idea of separating kids from parents. Americans have traditionally considered the nuclear family a pillar of society. But in this age of Secular Anything-ism, the nuclear family is giving way to any number of non-traditional alternatives: Same-sex marriage with adoption and surrogate parenting; polygamy and polyandry; minor emancipation – all darling notions of the Liberal crowd. Single-parenting, both forced (by prison time) and voluntary (I don’t need a man!) is the rule in some cities.

And American children may be “torn” from parents by the courts for any number of alleged infractions (cruelty, sexual assault, neglect… spanking!) – without public comment. Certainly without public outrage.

It’s just too facile to scream that the government has no moral right! to separate parents and children as a facet of immigration-law enforcement. The government always separates parents facing criminal proceedings from their children. That is a precise analog for what is happening at the border. The parents are being criminally detained for having violated our border security laws by the very act of crossing the border. Their kids are not being held criminally liable, and so by current law cannot be detained with their parents. Ergo: Separation.

Of course, what really triggered the over-the-top outrage was the realization that there could be outrage. Politically useful outrage. Democrats don’t really give a damn about those kids, or else they’d have been screaming about it 20 years ago, and would have enacted real immigration-law reform – when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, and Democrats held a 60-vote Senate supermajority.

Democrats chose not to solve immigration, despite their pious public pronouncements that our borders should be respected by those seeking to immigrate, and those who violate our borders should be prosecuted and deported.

What a difference a decade makes.

What Democrats really care about is the emotional issue “caged” kids represent, and the political hay they can make by screaming their outrage, and bad-mouthing evil Republicans! The newswaves were flooded with comparisons to Nazis. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Tweeted a picture of Auschwitz, observing that “Other governments have separated mothers and children.” Faux-Conservative Joe Scarborough warned that telling parents their children were being taken away for baths evokes the Nazis leading Jews to the “showers.”

Of course, if we’re taking kids to showers, we’re using water. Not poison gas. But never mind trivial details.

Even former First Lady Laura Bush opined that separating parents and children is “cruel, immoral, and breaks my heart.” Guess she had a stronger heart when her own husband was implementing the very same policies. And reputed “comedian” Kathy Griffin – she of severed-Trump-head infamy – also weighed in with caustic vulgarity, calling Melania out by Tweet – I suppose for “allowingher husband to separate parents and children. Funny, I don’t recall Griffin or anyone else in the Hollywood crowd berating Michelle for “allowing” Barack to do exactly the same thing.

Our immigration laws and policies haven’t changed in decades. What’s different now is that the gangs and the human- and drug-traffickers have recognized an enormous hole in our current laws: Cross the border with a kid in tow, and the so-called “Catch-and-Release” policy will offer you an open door to America. No charge. No strings. Just agree to appear in Court in two or three years. You don’t actually have to appear – just agree to appear.

DHS Secretary Nielsen reports a recent threefold increase of people fraudulently claiming the kid in tow as their own child. She notes sardonically, “The word has gotten out.” But only 1/6 of the approx. 12,000 children currently being held by DHS and HHS actually arrived with adults. Most of the kids being detained crossed the border on their own! So if they are “separated from their parents,” it happened before they arrived! Either their parents sent them North, or they fled on their own.

Former administrations should have fixed immigration law. Instead, they circumvented or ignored it when they couldn’t get Congress to improve it.

Trump isn’t into ignoring problems. He’s into fixing problems.

But much like the early weeks of Trump’s administration, when they enacted what came to be know as a “Muslim ban” on immigration, the deliberately fraudulent news-nabobs take over the national debate, and limit Trump’s ability to work toward real solutions. The problem becomes what the Mainstream Media announces it to be. So Muslims were “banned.” And kids are being “torn from” and “caged.”

We have a multitude of huge problems in the country. Everyone thinks Government should solve those problems. Trump is actually trying. Gotta give him credit for that. But as Trump, and all real problem-solvers know: You can’t solve a problem until you have correctly identified the cause.

No wonder the Democrats never ever seem to actually solve any problems.

They’re listening to the Liberal-Progressive “Mainstream” Media, and believing everything they hear in their own echo chamber.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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