The Democrat Vote: Anti-Math, Anti-History

By Mike Smith

Amid the Left’s organized unrest and fake news covert influence schemes, the Left is overplaying its hand. And the ‘why’ is quickly unfolding.

If the Left gets what it wants, the Democrat Party will end itself sooner. If the Right gets what America needs, the Democrat Party will end itself later (or be ended from without).

The dismal history of collectivist (socialism and communism based) regimes gives us all the proof we need. Nearly all the ‘originals’ have collapsed – clearly, collectivism cannot long survive as unfiltered collectivism. Pure collectivism always leeches off the capital of capitalism until there’s nothing left.

Thus the many examples of collapsed-from-within collectivist countries over the last 100 years. In the name of Marxist equality, collectivism kills its host. There is only one seeming exception to this: China.

But China survives only because the Chinese Communist government straddles the line between authoritarian utility and economic reality. The ChiComs play native Chinese and foreign capitalist like a fiddle, while oppressing their own subjects Soviet-style. They control the citizenry just like the Soviets did, but without owning all means of production (along with the consequence of doing so).

Yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can play this unnatural scheme only because of the economic leverage given to it by usefully duped Western countries. Every collectivist country besides China refuses to trade with capitalist countries. Naturally, those that haven’t self-choked into financial collapse will meet such an end so sooner or later.

There is no sign a post-American government on U.S. soil, surged into place by the Democrat Party, would end any differently.

The ironies are legion. Examples include:

– Despite its treasonous support of China/the CCP, the Democrat Party will still refuse to outlive the shelf life of collectivism (unlike the CCP, which so far has).

– The base of the Democrat Party –the longest-existing political party in the Western world– is enthusiastically embracing the utterly self-destructive path of the former Soviet Union.

– The Democrat Party, the so-called “party of the workers”, robs workers of adequate savings ability in every major city it majority-governs – in the name of providing every worker a ‘livable wage.’

– The Democrat Party, the last hope for the Chinese Communist regime’s continued existence, will guarantee China’s socio-economic collapse if it fundamentally transforms the US Republic.

– China, the one country run by collectivists that has bucked the trend of collectivist collapse, cannot survive without the support of capitalist countries.

If you vote Democrat in November –and ‘win’– you will one day be seen as anti-math and anti-history.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

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