The Demographic Party



By Mike Smith

The Left is running out the clock on America. And it’s working.

Its total control of academia, the Democrat Party, mass media and entertainment threatens our Republic. The Left has only emotion, hysteria and deception to push. But this is all it needs as long as it continues to write America’s ‘history’ and force most young people to ‘study’ it.

Going without the Senate is nothing for the Democrats—one step backward, two steps forward.

The Democrat Party is not democratic, but demographic. Last Tuesday’s midterm election couldn’t change this. The U.S. is one of few countries remaining wherein the majority of people reject the wisdom of the elderly. Is it any wonder? Whole demographics are divided against each other here.

Yet the Demographic Party can’t swell our cultural civil war alone.

Its voters have been undoing America for years. Many don’t even know they’re doing it—college grads especially. Multicultural balkanization has to be for something. And the Republican Party allows it ad nauseum. The Democrats actively recruit; the Republicans do not. Naturally, young people favor the Demographic Party.

The Demographic Party is better prepared for loss than the Republican Party is for victory.

Republicans win elections; Democrats win culture.

George Soros is not ‘woke’, yet he is.

The Republican Party is not, and here’s why:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

2018 election victory margin: 2.6%

2012 election victory margin: 15.9%

Net Loss: -13.3%

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

2018 election victory margin: 4.9%

2014 election victory margin: 19.4%

Net Loss: -14.5%

Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton

2018 election victory margin: 3.6%

2014 election victory margin: 20.8%

Net Loss: -24.4

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller

2018 election victory margin: 4.9%

2016 election victory margin: 36.8%

Net Loss: -21.8%

The Republic’s coal mine canary is coughing. The Demographic Party can finish it soon—and then the whole country thereafter. The ‘Reliable Red State’ days are over.

Keep your powder dry. Especially if you are moving to Texas.

The Republican Party must become the New Demographic Party ASAP. President Trump will not hold office forever, and the Republican Party remains incompetent.

The Grand Old Party’s flawed public image and anti-Executive sedition threaten our republic. The GOP’s bad blood needs transfusing; mass demographic neglect prevents it.

24-72 months remain: who’s Senator or on the Supreme Court will matter only if enough Democrat immigrants, inter-state migrants, blacks, Hispanics, suburbanites, single women and folks under 30 switch to the GOP and save it.

When they have a reason to, it’s because we will have built the reason.

And if we build it, they will come.

Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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