The Elephant We Know: The Real Issue Behind The Healthcare Debate



By Mike Smith

Political leaders cannot morally indict citizens in any way without risking backlash from their constituents. This is our silent elephant in the national healthcare debate, and for everyone. It is also the single biggest dilemma for both parties, particularly the GOP, which has in Obamacare a ticking time bomb that cannot be fully withdrawn or allowed to implode without incurring serious, deep political losses. No politician—Democrat or Republican; state, local or federal—wants to criticize the voters who hired them and keep them employed. Even the media won’t touch this (which is not hard to imagine, really). But the main problem is not Obamacare, nor is it the political class, or even the media. The problem is a morally corrupted people, the majority of which considers automatic healthcare access a human right.

Let’s discard the hysteria and adult-up, folks: the failure of American public education explains the healthcare crisis more than the failure of our politicians or media establishment ever has. Note: this is not the cause, but a contributing factor. If the body politic understood that individual rights—and individual rights alone—are the sole imperative of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, less than one-quarter of all Americans (if that) would have supported Obamacare to begin with. This can’t be refuted; it’s as plain as healthcare’s now mass re-definition into “entitlement” status.

What’s also set in stone is that Barack Obama, Jonathan Gruber, and the other Obamacare authors outsmarted the American public, and brilliantly. To be healthy as a people, our society must first own this embarrassing fact. Society’s first mistake was to not question a bill that was over 2,000 pages long for single reason of deception. That’s right, folks: it’s massive to trick you. That the average Obamacare participant was undeterred by this glaring warning, despite the mainstream media’s clear inability to hide it, is shocking. Only the most deceived among us could miss the con in which millions of people now willingly harm other peoples’ interests to favor their own. Equally masterful was Obama’s win-win trajectory gamble that he may still collect on after the fact. Obama knew all along that Obamacare would one day implode (as the Trojan horse legislation for single-payer, it’s designed to). If it were to implode on Hillary Clinton’s watch, hey, no problem for Obama: Clinton wanted single-payer, and he never liked Hillary anyway. If it implodes on President Trump’s watch, it will be deemed an attack on all Americans by the GOP and likely result in Democrats reclaiming their house and senate majorities. This would all but guarantee a Trump Administration defeat in 2020. If Obamacare is inadequately replaced after repealing by the GOP, then the same or similar outcome is likely. Either way, the legacy of Obama would strike back, and decisively. But there is hope.

America’s religious leaders must intervene. If for no other reason, pastors and rabbis must reclaim their long-abandoned cultural relevance because of politicians’ inability to remind the body politic of why entitlement voting hurts society. Perhaps for the right healthcare system to come about, the Johnson Amendment must first go away. Our immoral, irreligious society must slay its own elephant before preaching.

Mike Smith is a writer, Millenial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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William Hicks

A quite accurate indictment. May I add, this transition to an”entitlement” society has been a decades long, inch by inch, effort with little if any resistance until now. The question now is….is it to late to return to a self sufficient society?