The Evil HR 6666 Contact Tracing Bill?



By George Miller

For the last week or so, I have been getting emails, seeing web articles and social media postings warning about the “totalitarian,” “Nazi,” “New World Order,” “Big Brother,” H.R.6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act grants bill in Congress- not passed at this time. I even saw signs attacking it while covering Saturday’s Ventura County Lockdown protest (see photos below). The bill was submitted on May 1 by Democrat U.S. House Rep. Bobby Rush.





I finally got around to actually reading it to see if all the fuss was justified. You can read it yourself HERE and I recommend that everyone does.

So, are those allegations true? Is it really “evil?” Well, my answer is yes and no.

No- Not Evil?

On the “no,” the idea of identifying and tracking down contacts to determine who, where and how infections are spreading is just common sense. Finding people who are infected and/or have a high probability of getting infected or infecting others, even before they show symptoms, is a proactive way of helping to stop or at least slow down the spread of serious communicable diseases. This is already being done by CDC, state and lower level jurisdictions for serious communicable diseases, but never on the scale, depth and intrusiveness of what is under discussion now. Some say that a massive jump start is needed to get tracing fully implemented in the U.S. for this and future pandemics. It’s good and constitutional that the states would be doing this rather than the federal government, although with legally questionable federal funding. There is nothing in the bill itself that supports most of things people fear about it. But it wouldn’t stop these from occurring and may even fuel them.

Yes- Evil?

1. While the bill objective seems noble on the surface, there is much potential for abuse. The bill has no limits or accountability built into it and no penalties or strings for non-compliance or abuse. “Hot spots” where it would apply cover half of jurisdictions in the USA, since half are worse than average. Some have speculated that it could be used to hunt down and forcibly remove people from their homes and be used to help label infected people, even false positive-tested people, recovered people and those who are no longer contagious, then brand them in a way to block their full participation in society. When AIDS activists were threatened with this, they raised hell and stopped it cold. Big tech companies are already developing software to track the path of and people connected with COVID-19 infections and extrapolate who risky people are based on who they came into contact with and even where they went (Apple and Google unveiled a joint effort on new tools that would use smartphones to aid in contact tracing). Some tech companies have proposed that people could be denied certain mobility, entry, even from making purchases, via cell phone tracking, facial recognition, temperature sensing and databases built from that tracking.

Bills like CA AB-262 Local health officers: communicable diseases give the power to officials to act- but excessively.   None of that appears in H.R. 6666, but so much money directed at such a vague objective without proper direction and oversight is just begging for trouble. Certain portions of AB 262 give officials a virtual blank check and are causing civil liberty advocates heartburn, such as:

“The bill would authorize the local health officer to issue orders to other governmental entities within the local health officer’s jurisdiction to take any action the local health officer deems necessary to control the spread of the communicable disease.”- From CA AB 262

3. Definition of “emergency” is quite nebulous. Many people don’t know that some World War II emergency orders are still in effect. Which emergencies specifically activate or justify continuation of this bill still apply and when will they end? There is no firm end date for declared federal and CA states of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic. Not even formal review dates or procedures. Government has a disturbing tendency to keep  emergency declarations, which usually have no legislative vote authorizing them, in effect long after they are truly needed, if ever so.

4. $100,000,0000,000.00?? Those are BILLIONS. Per year? Seriously???
That is a staggering amount of money for the apparent objective. That’s at least $1 trillion over 10 years. The scale and pervasiveness that such funding would buy and would surely be fully spent and even more asked for is stunning.

5. While some of the hysterical interpretations of 6666 are over the top, it places no real scope constraints, is poorly defined and there is no firm sunset date- all red flags.

6. Finally, the bill number seems to be mocking the People- “6666”, filed on May Day – REALLY? Probably no coincidence.

The silence of so-called “Mainstream Media on a bill of such import with its obvious potential for abuse is deafening. We couldn’t find a MSM reference to this $100 billion/year bill anywhere in the first 10 pages of a Google search. That’s disturbing.


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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Joe C

Bill Gates isn’t the Antichrist. Obviously, it’s Hillary Clinton

Tom Winkle

Sweden will reach herd immunity in 2 weeks. It seems so crazy to spend so much of our money so they can spy on us. I say hell no! Need to lock Fauci up for crimes against humanity.

Erik Swanson

Oh, George Miller, you ***, you ***. Just what we need! more idiots spreading the idea that this corona virus (cold virus) is different from all the others, and changes everything, and the consequences of letting it run its course – killing a few tens of thousands (mostly over the age of 80) and escaping the notice of the rest of the world (unless every aspect of the corporate media oligarchy from FOX to NPR moaned about it 24-7) then disappearing naturally as every other naturally-occurring (or otherwise) infectious agent has throughout the history of lifekind on Earth – are unthinkable! and warrant hysterics: a paranoid germ-phobic psychotic freak-out, forfeiting our liberties, begging for intrusive tyrannical draconian government action to keep us safe from ending up in the scary TV Drama pretending to be news.

I do hope Bill Gates is paying you for your service to his new Medical Monopoly. What a pathetic loser you are if you’re doing it for your ordinary salary!

bart siemiatkowski


Diane johnson

Max Igan reported that Bill Gates made a 100 billion dollar deal with Senator Rush for HR6666. Every rock upturned has Gates under it.

sandra Kramer

It’s time for the Christians to stand up and fight. Do you not know that the number 666 is the number of the devil. Very clever to put an extra 6 (6666) but Jesus has told us if we know Him we will not be deceived. This is only the beginning of a global takeover by our government and we cannot let this happen. We need to tell everyone we know about this bill and do what we can to stop it.


Bill Gates does that on purpose. I’ve heard him while lecturing use vaccine and depopulation in the very same sentence and not a muscle twitch in his face. It’s some sort of mind control. There is no doubt in my mind he’s an Antichrist and god only knows what makes him tick. In any case you would have to find me first. And if anyone did find me…..I won’t even go into that but I will say I would NOT give up my soul no matter what the cost. Scripture tells you what to do and that’s the road I’m taking.

Derek Dammers

Unbelievable! We need to take this opportunity as Americans to come together, bypass any differences over specific issues, and take back our constitutional rights, the bill of rights, and pass a statewide initiative to ban corruption and corporate control of government, and get true representation.
We do not want to become the type of state that China is.
We do not want to live in a third world country, with no middle class.
The middle class is what drives the economy. I am comfortable living with decissions made by the people of this country, but not by corporations, banks, and Beaurocrates that are not responsive to the will of the people. Forget left and right, be United Americans.


How come you make no mention of the most chilling two words in the entire bill…
” other purposes”.
Folks we need nothing more than this. The de facto government has shown the head of a serpent. There’s only one thing that other purposes means.

It means any ***** reason they decide for any ***** thing they decide.

Anyone care to challenge this assessment?


They tested a fruit for Christ sake and it tested POSITIVE for Covid, and you expect us to trust the results of any other Covid test? You got be out of your damn mind. Also look how they treated the immigrants in Mexico they were not virus stricken but got treated like crap as if they were not human so please spare me the b.s about facilities and what not. I already petition against this.

Mark Dennis McIntire

Thanks for connecting the dots between Assembly Bill 262 that enables Dr. Robert Levin, Ventura County Medical officer ” to take any action the local health officer deems necessary to control the spread of the communicable disease.”- From CA AB 262 In his briefing for the Ventura County Board of Supervisors Dr. Levin, speaking in his official capacity as chief medical officer for Ventura declared that once the Supervisors find COVID-19 positive folks living in a home with those testing negative, then County agents will remove them “into other kinds of housing that we have available.” “…we can’t allow you to stay in that home.” My questions are: Where are these camps they will be moved to? Will they take a train there? Will they have to give up their clothes and shower when they arrive? What kind of ‘treatment’ will they receive after their ‘shower.” ? If Dr. Levin ‘mis-spoke’ and COVID-19 positive folks will NOT be dragged out of their homes then we demand the Ventura Board of Supervisors immedialty fire Dr. Levin and issue a public retraction of his edict; “We cannot allow you to stay in that home.” Watch Dr. Levin for yourself ! @


I could see extreme finding and measures if this was similar to a virus out of a horror movie like The Stand or Contagion… But it’s not. It’s about government control, period. With a 99% recovery rate, it should not even be in the news, much less shutting down economies, and giving any authority to invade privacy or take away rights and liberties.



Anyone who doesn’t violently oppose this bill and do something about it, meaning, sign the petition against it and write your governor and president, is agreeing to have someone come into your house and divide your family if you have so much as a cough. They can come in and take your children, parents, anyone else in the house away for the sake of public safety. Time to wake up people. Covid is not worse than the flu and no one shut down the economy for flu either. The numbers are skewed. Anyone who comes to the doctor for anything is being labeled “covid” as the diagnosis to get funding.


This kind of control of what’s going on effects all levels in Congress and it will come down to who’s $$$ will be the most because that buys your vote


Go back and read how the government abuses power and people and purposely leaves everything vague to give themselves a out. The fact that it’s not precise, unobtrusive, and dosent have a end date should alarm everyone. Just because there is a problem dosent mean we should hand over OUR RIGHTS and throw the constitution out the door. Our founding fathers felt with the same problems with taking away everyones right. Why? Because they would have been fired, arrested, or shot. It’s sickening we dont still handle the corruption the same way. Look at everything they do and not a single arrest. Perfect example was everyone who participated in those putrid acts with Jeffery Epstein. The majority were government officials and NOT A SINGLE DAMN ARREST. So do you trust your government?

Barbara Datz-Hernandez

There have in fact been 7 bills with the number HR 6666 including four in 2018, introduced to prevent erosion in National Recreational Areas.

Bills from each house are *assigned a number in the order in which they are introduced,* starting at the beginning of each Congressional session. So 6666 was the next in the sequence, (un)luck(y) of the draw.

I agree, the bill has potential to be problematic. Let’s give constructive feedback rather than decide to crush it because it’s too broad.

For those opposed, what are your ideas for understanding and controlling the spread of the virus? If the government does nothing, will you be in line to demand reparation for the lack of action? Are we willing to experience more death or work towards control until there is a vaccine and effective treatment?

We already failed at quarantine because, collectively, we didn’t.

Call or write Congress, if you need help finding your representative, read updates and check here:


#1 We didn’t fail at quarantine. #2 The human body develops antibodies in response to an antigen: NATURAL IMMUNITY. Thank the Most High for that one (and His number is far from 6666).


GovTrac site says:

Prognosis – 4% chance of being enacted according to Skopos Labs

Hope that proves true!

William Hicks

I see the thin skin of truth and nobility wrapped around a bunch of bunk (being kind with my choice of words) that can be capitalized on by the big spender politicians.

A big NO vote as presently written.


I can just see the House Dem focus groups now:

“It has come to our attention that some of you thought Order 66 wasn’t a suitable designation, so we made some slight changes. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our new and improved draft, H.R. 666! Isn’t it just delightfully diabolical?”

“Well, frankly it’s still not quite evil enough. Let’s add another 6 for good measure.”

“Alright. H.R. 6666 it is!”

William Hicks

Keep in mind that this is not just a House process and the Senate can make modification(s), too.

William Hicks


Because the current House of Representatives have shown their ability to be involved in extra-legal/illegal attempts to remove a seated President, I choose to be cautious on the side of initial acceptance of any thing they propose. Until I see a change of character with these elected people, I will continue to be wary of anything they propose; particularly at the Multi-Billion Dollar level that doesn’t seem to have any constraints of who/what/when’s applied to it.

Without reasonable constraints written into the bill, I’m for a no vote at every level of legislation.