The Fake Outrage over Trump’s “Access Hollywood” Comments Is Ridiculous

see arial, healing sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>By Raynard Jackson (NNPA Newswire Columnist)

there arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never has so much been said by so many about so little. This feigned outrage at Trump’s private conversation with Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush is farcical at best, and a big joke at worst.

The media, Democrats, and Republicans are equally hypocritical in their response to this leaked tape of Trump’s private conversation with Bush.

This latest Trump controversy has yet again given the media another opportunity to put its hypocrisy on full display.

First of all, this was a private conversation and yes that does matter. We all say things to our friends in a private conversation that we would not want to have shared, publically. For example, every U.S. president, maybe with the exception of Jimmy Carter, cursed while in the White House and used vulgar language in private.

So, whether you use vulgar language in private or not, the point is we all say things in private that we won’t say in public. And yes, even journalists curse and use foul language.

Where was this moral outrage from the Democrats while Bill Clinton was running across the country stroking every female he could find and a few, allegedly, without their consent? Mind you, Clinton paid Paula Jones over $ 800,000 for a sexual harassment suit.

So, what did the Democrats do? They rallied around Bill Clinton. They created a series of talking points and fanned out their supporters all over the media propping Clinton up.

So, what do these weak-kneed Republicans do? They immediately begin to run from Trump and do all the Democrat’s dirty work for them.

This is why we can’t win national elections. Republicans are quick to turn on their own. I wish Republicans would show the same level of outrage towards Obama unleashing the I.R.S on conservative organizations. I wish they would show the same level of outrage over Obama bringing in untold numbers of refugees into the U.S.; I wish they would show the same level of outrage over Obama ignoring congressional demands for documents in their oversight hearings; I wish they would show the same level of outrage over Obama not enforcing our immigration laws.

Not one woman has come forward with any evidence that Trump raped or touched them inappropriately. Not one! So then where is this fake moral outrage coming from?

This has absolutely nothing to do with substance and everything to do with politics. This tape provides all the “Never Trumpers” the perfect opportunity to sabotage his campaign all under the guise of standing up on principle. Well, I can’t remember the last time this current party stood up for anything based on principle.

They have co-signed onto President Obama’s budget busting spending, they allowed him to get away with lying about Obamacare, they have constantly passed omnibus spending bills with all kinds of pork inserted into them; they have allowed President Obama to run rough-shod over them in every area of our foreign policy, just to name a few.

This party has fought Trump and his issues more vociferously than they have Obama and anything the Democrats have tried to do. This party has increasingly morphed into a Democratic light party.

Just like Republican party leaders are terrified of being called racists by liberals, they are equally as terrified of being called obstructionists by these same liberals.

So, these Republicans argue that “we can’t shut down the government over deficit spending or because Obama won’t give Congress relevant records they need for oversight purposes.” They are so afraid that the mean ole Democrats will tell the American people that they are blocking legislation because Obama is Black; of course the Democrats have absolutely no evidence to prove this, but the mere threat of the Democrats doing this scares the hell out of these weak Republicans.

Trump is running on a platform that a majority of Americans agree with, but our own party leadership would much rather give the election to Hillary Clinton to prove to liberals that they are not misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or any other type of “-phobic” that liberals have tried to brand the Republican Party with.

We are supposed to be the party of principles. When you are fighting for your principles, you will not always be popular.

The Obama Administration is far more corrupt than anything the Nixon Administration could have ever imagined being. The Obama Administration has told more lies lied than the Reagan Administration could have ever conjured up, both domestically and internationally. The Obama Administration has been far more apathetic towards the Black community than any Republican president in the history of our country.

Instead of focusing on President Obama’s record our party has chosen to focus on a well-planned, well-timed leak of an eleven year-old private conversation to prove they have principles. Really? They can’t be serious.

Weak people take strong positions on weak issues.



JacksonRaynard43Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter @Raynard1223.


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  1. William "Bill" Hicks October 11, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Absolutely right


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