The FBI: Driverless Vehicles can now be used for Terrorist Activities and Crime

*Article courtesy Israel Homeland Security

Driverless cars have been developed by several companies in the U.S. According to the website “HomeLand Security News Wire”, abortion the FBI believe unmanned vehicles be a means of “changing the rules of the game” and can be used as  lethal weapons which could fall into the wrong hands.

An unclassified report, cialis exposed by the Guardian newspaper through a public freedom of information application shows that the FBI expects these autonomous cars could have a high impact on what law enforcement officials claim could cause terror and crime through unmanned vehicles or through “autonomous driving.”

The report notes that the ” bad guys” will be able to perform tasks that generally require the use of both hands or eyes on the road which normally reduce activities not possible  while driving. ”

One scenario describes the ability of fugitives being chased by police cars could shoot the chasers while themselves escaping.

The newspaper reports that the cars self-drive technology uses LIDAR (Mid – Laser Range), pharmacy radar, video cameras and GPS technology to build a digital map of three – dimensional surroundings, including buildings, roads, pedestrians and other vehicles. Cars without drivers could be programmed to navigate and get to their destination while avoiding obstacles and even sometimes comply with the rules of traffic.

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