The First 100 Days (Trump Briefs: April 8-14/Day 79-85) Week 12

By Michael Hernandez


Saturday, April 8 (Day 79):

Former White House Military Aide:  “Susan Rice is guilty as hell”

“Susan Rice is guilty as hell. It goes all the way down to Barack Obama,” said Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, United States Air Force at the Californians for Making America Great Again Inc. Ventura County Chapter kickoff on Friday, April 7th. “Susan Rice is a political operative and does not care what happens to you (Americans).  She protects the Clintons’ and Obama’s name.”

Susan Rice

Dr. Kevin McNamee

Dr. Kevin McNamee:  “Vote ‘No’ on SB18; SB54 is dangerous for California”

“SB18 is a Bill of Rights for children and youth.  It sounds like a good thing.  Who does not want rights for children?” said Dr. Kevin McNamee, Thousand Oaks chiropractor, acupuncturist, and pain management specialist at Giessinger Winery, Westlake Village. “Here is the problem, how do you implement it?  This bill is about overreach in the relationship between children and parent.   Vote No on California Senate Bill 18.”   The candidate for Thousand Oaks City Council also spoke on California Senate Bill 54: “The Sanctuary State Bill is dangerous for California and for Thousand Oaks.”

To read more about Californians for Making America Great Again Inc. Ventura County Chapter kickoff see link:

President Trump Meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping for two days

  • Trade and Currency

President Trump told the Chinese that they needed to “level the playing field for American workers,” and stated his concerns about the Chinese government’s intervention in the U.S. economy was hurting jobs for the American worker according to a White House statement.  “China welcomes the U.S. side to participate in cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative,” said President Xi.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discussed a “100-day-plan” with their Chinese counterparts.  The Chinese  “expressed an interest in reducing their net trade balance because of the impact it’s having on money supply and inflation,” Ross said.  “That’s the first time I’ve heard them say that in a bilateral context.”

President Xi urged both countries to “grasp the opportunity” of economic development between the two countries and signaled interest in future investments according to Xinhua, the Chinese state media.

  • North Korea

Trump and the Chinese agreed that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program presented a challenge to the region and said that they would take steps to pressure the rogue state with the “international community.” “(We) understand it creates unique problems for them and challenges and that we would, and are, prepared to chart our own course if this is something China is just unable to coordinate with us,” Secretary of State Tillerson said.

  • Human Rights

President Trump “noted the importance of protecting human rights and other values deeply held by Americans” during the visit said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The Chinese state media reported that Xi called on both sides to cooperate on issues such as “drug trafficking, child trafficking, money laundering, cyber crime and organized crime.”

  • Trump to Visit China

President Trump accepted an invitation from President Xi to visit China for a state visit at some point.

President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Sunday, April 9 (Day 80):

Two ISIS jihadists bombs kills Christians at Palm Sunday services in Egypt

Two Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists bombs killed at least 47 and injured more than 100 celebrating Palm Sunday services at two churches in Egypt.  The first blast targeted the Mar Girgis Church in the Nile Delta city of Tanta, 60 miles north of Cairo, killed 29 and wounded 69.  A second suicide bomber entered St. Mark’s Orthodox Catherdral, a major landmark in Alexandria, and the historic seat of the Coptic Pope, killing 18 and wounding 40.  The incident took place as Pope Tawadros led a Palm Sunday service.  He was unharmed.

In an ISIS propaganda video released a few ago that featured images of the Coptic Pope, a masked ISIS militant warned, “O, worshippers of the cross…the soldiers of the state are watching you.”  The video referred to Middle East Christians as ISIS’s “favorite prey.”

According to Joseph Williams, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ),

“We have been advocating for the persecuted for years.  But in the last several months, we have ramped up our advocacy, submitting written legal filings and oral interventions at the United Nations in addition to urging Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Trump Administration to fulfill their moral and legal obligations now that the U.S. government has declared that ISIS is committing genocide.

“We are now preparing legal letters to the new U.N. Secretary General urging that international body to recognize the genocide and protect Christians and other religious minority victims.  Enough is enough.  The bloodshed of the Church must end.  As Holy Week continues, we urge you to pray without ceasing for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.”

President selects new chair for the Council of Economic Advisors

President Trump has sent his selection of Kevin Hassett as chair for the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) to the U.S. Senate’s banking committee.  Hassett, was formerly an economist at the American Enterprise Institute and has previously stated his support for China-U.S. trade policies, the global economy and trading system, and expansion of immigration.  Jason Furman, the former CEA chair under President Barack Obama called Hassett “an excellent pick.”  Hassett has a doctorate in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

CitizensJournal.US Co-Founder Takes on the LA Times:  Rebuttal 1

“Our 45th President Donald J. Trump has done more in his first seventy-some days he has been in office than most Presidents do in a four-year term.  He is a “man of his word” that has become a “breath of fresh air” representing “We The People” in our nation’s capitol. The citizens of this nation have been buoyed by his actions.”

To read more see link:


Monday, April 10 (Day 81):

Jewish holiday of Passover celebrates liberty

The Jewish holiday of Passover which lasts seven days (eight, outside Israel) commemorates the Exodus from Egyptian slavery to freedom, thousands of years ago.  At Passover, every Jew celebrates having personally left Egypt in recreating the journey to freedom through the celebration of a seder meal. 

According to the Jewish faith, “to regard yourself as free,  even when you are not, is to accept that you are still morally accountable for your behavior:  the oppressed and the oppressor are bound by a common moral code. The oppressed cannot excuse themselves from ethics, morals, or the law. Indeed, those are the keys to liberation.”


Citizens Journal Co-Founder Takes on the L.A. Times:  Rebuttal 2

“The L.A. Times accuses President Trump of the very conduct engaged in by the mainstream media:  “lies” and of “disseminating fake news”  and calls him “the gullible tool of liars as he is the liar in chief.”  Can you imagine the L.A. Times making those assertions against former President Barack Obama?”

To read more see link:


Tuesday, April 11 (Day 82):

House Republicans hope to resurrect repeal of Obamacare bill

House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) now has a positive outlook toward House Republicans uniting to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace bill that lowers premiums for Americans.  “I’m optimistic that we’ve at least found some potential common ground.”

This new outlook comes a few weeks after the American Health Care Act (AHCA) from House Speaker Paul Ryan failed to get enough Republican support for a vote in the House of Representatives.  Many conservative leaders mockingly dubbed the bill “RyanCare,” “RINO-Care,” “Obamacare Lite” or “Obamacare 2.0.”

Critics of the earlier bill wanted the issue of pre-existing conditions addressed whether through a risk-sharing pool or through a guaranteed issue provision.  Also being considered at state level waivers from many of the Obamacare mandates that drive up costs.

The goal of Republicans is to create a better healthcare system with lower premiums, more competition and stronger consumer choices.

“We’ll get a better bill and we’ll shock the American people when they actually see their healthcare insurance premiums come down.” said Meadows. “I’m confident we’re going to get there mainly because the President literally not only wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, but the other part of that is he wants to drive down premiums for all Americans,

“We’re committed to not only helping him (President Trump) deliver (healthcare reform) but also helping him make sure that campaign promise is one of the first dozen or so that he’s been able to deliver on. I’m hopeful that by the end of his first 200 days in office, he’ll have more than 20 campaign promises that he will have delivered on.  He’s on a good pace and clip to do just that.”

Congressman’s “Drain the Swamp” book exposes Washington corruption;

Amgen’s ‘largely unnoticed coup on Capitol Hill

Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) writes in his new book “Drain the Swamp:  How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think” how “Washington doesn’t’ represent the American people anymore, because the bureaucrats and elected officials in Washington pursue their own self-serving agenda rather than doing what is objectively right for the country.

“The time for complacency about our federal government is long past.  We Americans must exercise our constitutional rights to come together and make vital decisions to save our republic.

“I pray that Americans will revive the founders’ spirit and take back our country…for the future of the United States of America, the last ‘best hope of earth.’”

To read more from Buck’s book see link:

Buck tells how if you want a plum Republican committee assignment in the House you must “pay to play” the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  “A GOP House freshman member must raise $220,000 every two years. To chair (a plum committee: Appropriations, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Rules, and Financial Services) “means you raise $1.2 million.   The higher your role in the House leadership, the higher the price tag:  Deputy Whip ($2.5 million); Conference Chair or Whip ($5 million); Majority Leader ($10 million); or Speaker ($20 million).

“According to the New York Times:  Just two weeks after pleading guilty in a major federal fraud case, Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology firm, scored a largely unnoticed coup on Capitol Hill:  Lawmakers inserted a paragraph into the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill that did not mention the company by name but strongly favored one of its drugs.  The language buried in Section 632 of the law delays a set of Medicare price restraints on a class of drugs that includes Sensipar, a lucrative Amgen pill used by kidney dialysis patients.

“The provision gives Amgen an additional two years to sell Sensipar without government controls. The news was so welcome that the company’s chief executive quickly relayed it to investment analysts. But it is projected to cost Medicare up to $500 million over that period.

To order Congressman Ken Buck’s book see link:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General visits U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona

Attorney General Jeff Sessions visits the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona where he spoke to a group of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and prosecutors.  Sessions referred to the southwest border as “ground zero” in the fight against “transnational gangs like MS-13 and international cartels (that) flood our country with drugs and leave death and violence in their wake.” 

Sessions pledged to ratchet up the fight against “criminal organizations that turn cities and suburbs into war zones, that rape and kill innocent citizens, and who profit by smuggling poison and other human beings  across our borders” using “depravity and violence as their calling cards, including brutal machete attacks and beheadings.”

Sessions declared: “For those that continue to seek improper and illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era. The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our immigration laws, and the catch and release practices of old are over.”

Sessions backed up this statement by unveiling a series of new policies:

First, he announced that each of the 94 U.S. attorney’s offices must now designate one of their prosecutors as a border security coordinator. Additionally, he announced that every federal prosecutor should consider prosecuting anybody accused of committing immigration-related offenses using the following guidelines:

  • Prosecute anyone suspected of transporting or harboring an illegal alien;
  • Charging those who unlawfully enter or attempt to enter the country with a felony offense if they have two or more prior misdemeanor convictions for improper entry, or one prior misdemeanor conviction for improper entry when accompanied by other aggravating circumstances;
  • Charging anyone who re-enters the country after a prior removal with a felony, if the person has a criminal record indicating that he or she poses a danger to public safety or is affiliated with a gang;
  • Charging those who engage in identity theft or immigration-related document fraud with felonies, including mandatory minimum offenses; and
  • Charging anyone accused of assaulting, resisting, or impeding a federal law enforcement officer.

Sessions also announced that he would take measures to accelerate some initiatives that had previously been announced. He stated that the administration would appoint 50 more immigration judges this year and 75 more next year. Currently, there are over 540,000 cases pending before 301 immigration judges, (about 1,800 cases per judge).

Sessions also announced that the Justice Department had “already surged 25 immigration judges to detention centers along the border.” This was part of the previously announced effort to reassign immigration judges to 12 cities (New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska; and Phoenix, Arizona) that have the highest number of illegal immigrants with criminal charges.

In addition to proceeding with building a wall along the Mexican border, the Trump administration has called for the hiring of 5,000 more Border Patrol agents and 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents over the next couple of years.

The White House has also sought to reinvigorate cooperation agreements (which became dormant during the Obama administration) with state and local officials who seek to perform the functions of, and otherwise assist, immigration officers in relation to the investigation, apprehension, and detention of illegal immigrants.

These efforts have already started to bear fruit. Sessions noted that from January to February of this year—at a time when illegal immigration usually rises by 10 to 20 percent—illegal crossings dropped by 40 percent.

According to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, fewer than 12,500 people were stopped at the border in March, the lowest monthly figure in at least 17 years. Sessions also stated that illegal crossings have dropped a whopping 72 percent since Trump was inaugurated.

Citizens Journal Co-Founder Takes on the L.A. Times:  Rebuttal 3

“My response to the L.A. Times accusations:  President Donald J. Trump is not attacking the nation’s institutions.  He is challenging these institutions to be faithful to their mission and purpose in serving the citizens of America.”

To read more see link:


Wednesday, April 12 (Day 83):

President Trump speaks out on Susan Rice role in unmasking his officials

President Donald Trump speaking out on Susan Rice’s assertion that she did not unmask General Michael Flynn for political reasons during a Fox News Network interview with business host Maria Bartiromo said:  “Does anybody really believe that?  Nobody believes that, even the people that try to protect her in the news media.  “So many other people” were the victims of surveillance said President Trump.  “So many people are coming up to me and apologizing now. … Perhaps I didn’t know how right I was.   “What they did was horrible,” Trump said.

President Trump to Restructure the Federal Government

President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney has lifted the Jan. 23rd hiring freeze and released an April 12th memo giving guidance to federal agencies as they comply with the Reorganization Executive Order entitled “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch.”

Agencies are instructed to take “immediate actions to achieve near-term workforce reductions and cost savings including planning for funding levels in the President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Budget Blueprint, develop a plan to maximize employee performance by June 30, 2017, and submit an Agency Reform Plan to OMB in September 2017 as part of the agency’s FY 2019 Budget submission to OMB that includes long-term workforce reductions. An initial, high-level draft of the Agency Reform Plan is due to OMB by June 30, 2017.”

The memorandum outlines that the President’s Agency Reform Plan  “will rely on three primary sources of input: Agency Reform Plans, OMB-coordinated crosscutting proposals, and public input.”

The reform efforts are slated to  “create a lean, accountable, more efficient government that works for the American people.”

Mulvaney called the government reorganization, “one of the biggest stories nobody’s talking about.” He defined the plan as doing something that goes “much deeper into the very structure of government … trying to do something that has never been done before.”

“The executive branch of government has never been rebuilt. It has grown organically over the course of the last 240 years and the President of the United States has asked all of us in the Executive Branch to start from scratch, a literal blank piece of paper, and say if you were going to rebuild the Executive Branch,

Information has been solicited from both within and outside the federal government, Mulvaney said including CEOs that gathered at the White House on Tuesday who offered input on how the government should be restructured.  Some reform will require legislative authority.

“We think we could run the government more efficiently than the previous administration can and we think we can run the government with fewer people than the previous administration,” said Mulvaney. “What kicks in, is what we call the smart hiring plan.”  The Trump Administration expects that agencies will review what they interpret to be the President’s priorities, look to the budget blueprint, and “fashion” hiring or paring down of their respective agencies’ workforces.

“This is about good government. It’s not about big government, it’s not about small government, it’s about good government. And that is what I think the President talks about when he talks about draining the swamp,” said Mulvaney.

“What the “businessman-in-chief” has essentially come to say is, “Make sure this government functions properly. That means it’s going to be more efficient, more accountable, more effective, and providing the services that we need.” Mulvaney said that this guidance lays out what the President talked about when he referred to draining “the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump: ‘We Are Sending an Armada’ to North Korea

“We are sending an armada (to handle North Korea).  Very powerful,” said President Donald Trump during an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.  “We have submarines.  Very powerful.  Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier.  That, I can tell you.”

President Trump said he would not tell the media how he was planning to respond to North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.  “You never know, do you?  You never know,” he said, stating that he would not be like former President Barack Obama, who would announce his attack plans in the Middle East in advance.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

Egyptian Christians Cancel Easter Festivities in Mourning Over Palm Sunday Massacre

The main Christian diocese in Egypt has announced that it will not hold Easter celebrations this year, in mourning for the 46 Coptic Christians killed in the Palm Sunday massacre brought about by twin jihadist bombings. The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Minya, located in southern Egypt, said Tuesday that commemorations of the Resurrection of Jesus will limited to the liturgical prayers “without any festive manifestations” out of respect for the faithful who were slain by suicide bombers of the Islamic State.  Two jihadis carried out separate suicide bombings in the churches of Saint George in Tanta and Saint Mark in Alexandria while Palm Sunday services were being conducted. The attacks took the lives of 47 people, and left more than a hundred wounded.

Washington Post:  “FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page”

The Washington Post has run leaked classified information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was obtained thru a secret court order last summer to  monitor the communications of an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The FBI which is under the Department of Justice was running an investigation into possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign.  The FBI and the Justice Department obtained the warrant targeting Carter Page’s communications after convincing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) judge that there was probably cause to believe Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power—Russia.

“This confirms all of my suspicions about unjustified, politically motivated government surveillance,” Page said.  “I have nothing to hide.”  He compared surveillance of him to the eavesdropping that the FBI and the Justice Department conduced against Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King.

Page, worked in Moscow for investment firm Merrill Lynch a decade ago.  He said he invested in Russian energy giant Gazprom, but reported that he had sold this investment to FBI Director James Comey.

According to the Washington Post article penned by three writers, the FISA court order was renewed more than once.

See link to Washington Post story:

Jay Sekulow: “Clapper, Rice, Yates did not tell the truth” about intelligence surveillance

“James Clapper, Susan Rice, Susan Yates did not tell the truth” about intelligence surveillance of Donald J. Trump and his advisors, said American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow on his radio show.

The Barack Obama appointees had the following positions:  Clapper, Director of National Intelligence; Rice, National Security Advisor; and Yates, Deputy Attorney General.

Sekulow’s comments were in response to a Washington Post report Tuesday that the “FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump advisor Carter Page.  Sekulow said:  “Why are we saying that (leaking) is OK.  Americans are (under) surveillance during a time of elections.  What is being leaked?”

During the radio show, the hosts said that leaking classified information could be prosecuted at least five to ten years for breaking the law.  “This is being leaked out to undermine President Donald Trump—to distract and make it harder to govern.”

President Trump says military alliance “no longer obsolete”

President Donald Trump says that NATO, the military alliance he once dismissed as “ineffective” is “no longer obsolete” at a White House news conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

Since taking office, Trump has told European members of NATO that they must meet a 2014 agreement for member countries to boost defense spending to 2 percent of GDP within a decade.  The U.S. is one of a handful of countries that are meeting the target.

Trump says NATO countries will be more secure and the partnership strengthened if other countries pay their fair share and stop relying on the United States.

President Trump Eases Tensions: ‘We’re Not Going into Syria’;

Tillerson meets with Russian President Putin

President Donald Trump has confirmed that the United States will not be conducting a full-scale invasion of Syria.  In an interview with The New York Post, Trump said, “Our policy is the same, it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”

However, Trump described Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad as a “butcher” and a “barbarian,” after allegations that he used chemical sarin gas to slaughter his own people.

“Our big mission is getting rid of ISIS,” he said. “That’s where it’s always been. But when you see kids choking to death, you watch their lungs burning out, we had to hit him and hit him hard.”

President Trump ordered a series of missile strikes against Syrian regime airbases last Thursday in response to the chemical attack, which a Pentagon spokesperson said were “intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.”

Russia and Iran had released a joint statement warning the U.S. that they will “respond with force” if they believe their own “red lines” are crossed in Syria. A Gallup poll released on Tuesday revealed that public support for the airstrikes is comparatively low against previous wars such as the invasion of Iraq. However, Americans overwhelmingly approve of military action in Iraq and Syria with the aim of defeating the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Moscow today to have talks with Russian President Vladimr Putin, who awarded Tillerson a Russian Order of Friendship award in 2013.

“It can be said that the level of trust at the working level, especially at the military level, has not become better but most likely has degraded,” President Putin told a Russian state television channel.

Tillerson earlier had talked with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, about the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, during a daylong visit with him.  They engaged in a “lengthy, detailed and often blunt exchange of views” at a Moscow news conference.

In a recent interview with Fox Business, President Trump described Assad as a “butcher” and “truly an evil man,” adding that the relationship between Russia and Syria is “bad for mankind.”

“Putin is backing a person [Assad] that’s truly an evil person. And I think it’s very bad for Russia. I think it’s very bad for mankind. It’s very bad for this world,” proclaimed Trump, adding, “I think aligning yourself [Putin] with Assad is a big mistake because he’s a butcher.

“It would be wonderful, if NATO and our country could get along with Russia,” said Trump.  “Right now we’re not getting along with Russia at all. We may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russia, but we’re going to see what happens,” he said. “[Vladimir] Putin is the leader of Russia. Russia is a strong country. We’re a very, very strong country. We’re going to see how that all works out.”

Suspected triggerman in border agent’s murder arrested

The cartel member suspected of shooting and killing Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in 2010 with a gun supplied by the U.S. government was arrested in Mexico Wednesday, senior law enforcement, Border Patrol, and congressional sources told Fox News. 

The suspect, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, was apprehended by a joint U.S.-Mexico law enforcement task force that included the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals and the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC).

A $250,000 reward had been sought for information leading to the arrest of Osorio-Arellanes, who was captured at a ranch on the border of the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua. U.S. authorities have said they will seek his extradition.

Terry was killed on Dec. 14, 2010 in a gunfight between Border Patrol agents and members of a five-man cartel “rip crew,” which regularly patrolled the desert along the U.S.-Mexico border looking for drug dealers to rob. 

The agent’s death exposed Operation Fast and Furious, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) operation in which the federal government allowed criminals to buy guns in Phoenix-area shops with the intention of tracking them once they made their way into Mexico. But the agency lost track of more than 1,400 of the 2,000 guns they allowed smugglers to buy. Two of those guns were found at the scene of Terry’s killing. 

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Citizens Journal Co-Founder Takes on the L.A. Times:  Rebuttal 4

“The L.A. Times writes that truth is “not to take sides.”   Has the L.A. Times accomplish this in their news reporting?  Truth is based on evidence or fact.   It is not relative, but is absolute.   As we approach the Easter holiday—I would argue that the truth can only be found by returning to the Judeo-Christian principles and values that birthed our nation.  It might be wise to look at the words of Jesus who said: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6).”

To read more see link:

Thursday, April 13 (Day 84):

U.S. drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan ISIS tunnel complex

The U.S. drops a Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB). The 21,600 pound GPS-guided conventional bomb was dropped in the Anchin district of the Nangarhar province.  The MOAB known as “the Mother of All Bombs” was the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used by the U.S. military and was dropped by a MC-130 special operations transport and had been brought to Afghanistan “some time ago” for potential use.

The bomb explodes midair and the ensuing shock waves are capable of crushing buildings, caves, and tunnels in a one-mile radius.  There are about 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and they perform counterterrorism operations.

The authority to deploy the weapon was granted to General John Nicholson by the commander of U.S. Central Command, General Joseph Votel.  The use of the MOAB represents a change in the Rules of Engagement, with President Trump allowing his military combatant commanders to make tactical decisions on the ground about both targeting and weapons.

“What I do is  I authorize  my military.  We have the greatest military  in the  world and they’ve done a job as usual,” said President Trump. “We have given the total authorization and that’s what they’re doing and frankly that’s why they’ve been so successful lately.

“If you look at what’s happened  over the last eight weeks  and compare that really to  what’s  happened  over the  past  eight years  you’ll  see there’s  a  tremendous difference, tremendous difference.   So we have  incredible leaders in the military and we have an incredible military.  We are very proud of them. This was another very, very successful mission.”

 Citizens Journal Co-Founder Takes on the L.A. Times:  Rebuttal 5

“The idea of a CalExit best illustrates “California Gone Crazy”—which would guarantee Republican victories in this nation’s elections for decades to come.   However, I and many others living in California are proud Americans—who pray not just for California but for the United States of America.   This is Our Nation Under God.

 “…“We The People”  have a response that resonated “so-loud” that it resulted in the election of Donald J. Trump as 45th President despite all odds against him.  What some of us believe was a real miracle—an act of God.”

 To read more see link:


Friday, April 14 (Day 85):

UC Berkeley bans Trump supporter from speaking on campus proper; host former Obama official speaker who wants to regulate political speech

Members of the Berkeley College Republicans announced the cancellation of their scheduled event with conservative commentator David Horowitz, citing issues with an administration that reportedly sought to restrict the event. According to the Berkeley College Republicans, university administrators did everything in their power to minimize awareness of the event.

“Administrators have banned Horowitz from speaking on the campus proper and have assigned him a facility half a mile away,” a press release from the David Horowitz Freedom Center claimed. “Requiring the time to be 1 p.m. when afternoon classes were starting and requiring the venue to be a half mile away led to only 30 students registering for the lecture,” Horowitz said. “The university also required that only registered students be allowed to attend. Then two days before the event the University told the College Republicans they would have to pay $5,788 security charges, and $2,000 for use of the room, a half mile away.”

Editor’s Note:  To read more about Dave Horowitz see link:

Meanwhile, former chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission Ann Ravel (appointed October, 2013) recently spoke at a UC Berkeley law school event titled “Future of Democracy” where she discussed the need for regulating political speech and advertisements on social media.  Ravel has previously called for regulation of such websites as The Drudge Report.

Trump appoints religious liberty defender to lead Office for Civil Rights; Appoints two advocates for immigration enforcement

President Trump has appointed Roger Severino to lead the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Severino, is the former director of the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation and is know for criticizing Obamacare’s “nondiscrimination”  regulations on “gender identity.”  The guidelines penalize healthcare professionals who are morally and professionally opposed to sex change surgeries and treatments even if it violates their religious beliefs or their best medical judgment.

Two leading advocates for reforming illegal and legal immigration enforcement were appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as senior advisors for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Jon Feere, the former legal analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, and Julie Kirchner, the previous executive director for the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), have both been appointed to senior positions. Feere, will serve as the senior adviser to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency Director Thomas Homan.  Kirchner, will serve as the senior adviser to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

Citizens Journal Co-Founder Takes on the L.A. Times:  Rebuttal 6

  1. Afghanistan Strike: “Eradicating not Containing The Enemy”
  2. Syria Missile Strike: “Strong Humanitarian American Leadership”

To read more see link:

Local Pro-Life filmmaker raising money for “The Matter of Life Movie”

“” is the site where pro-life supporters can contribute to the $50,000 needed by local filmmaker Tracy  Martin to begin production work on a full-length movie on the pro-life issue.  “I will tell the incredible story of abortion in our society,” said Martin using “logic, science, history and powerful personal stories.”

Please see Appeal for The Matter of Life:

Those who give a tax deductible donation of 50 dollars or more will have their name in the theatrical credits.

Students for Life hosting California Leadership Summit Saturday, April 22nd

The 2017 California Leadership Summit sponsored by Students for Life of America will take place Saturday, April 22nd at the University of California, Irvine, 4201 Ring Road, Natural Science Bldg. 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Registration costs $15.  Register at:


(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships.)

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected].

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