The Gift of Dandelion

By Brynne Betz

He walked slowly with no destination, his feet taking him for a ride. Or was it his nose? Or his ears? Or his eyes? For his senses were certainly awake.  When she saw him, her hand reached for her daughter’s to pull her away, leading them both to the car with whispers paving their way.  When a woman on her power walk saw him, she u-turned around. And made a phone call while looking back behind her, her eyes aflame with piercing fear.  A dog walking his owner saw him then too, and leapt over to share a good sniff. But when our friend reached down to pat the sweet dog, his owner pulled his leash away.

I watched. And while I understood…I also, understood.

He probably hadn’t had a shower in a few days and his jeans were smudged with dirt. His shirt barely covered his belly, he wasn’t clean-shaven, and he walked a lot dandelion.2slower than anyone else around. He noticed the trees. He shuddered with the breeze. He raised his nose to take in scents and lowered his head to see what his feet had found. His fingers trilled the air. His eyes explored, and while his presence gave most fear, it gave me tenderness. He was highly sensitive and had battles with his mind. Didn’t he need love just as much as the rest of us?

A dandelion. The color was perfect. Somehow I knew he’d like yellow.

So I picked it. For him. No words, just a smile And my arm outstretched with a flower.

He sat down with his back against a tree and smiled at his flower, his eyes watering with happy. We nodded our heads and as I turned to leave he shared a ‘thank you’. ‘Of course’, I said, my heart alive with tenderness–his gift of love to me.

* * *

We all need love.

How will you share your love this week?

Brynne Betz

Brynne Betz

Brynne Betz is a lover of the sea, of soft eyes, gentle hearts and the wonder in life that escapes even the best of us. She is trained as a transpersonal psychologist and would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at or send her an email at [email protected]


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