The Globalization of California

GlobalizationViewpoint/Event Report

By Michael Greer

About 120 people attended the “Globalization of California” (speakers) conference Sunday, 1/12/14.  American Freedom Alliance does video record the conferences and they are available on their website but still too few have any idea that about 1000 people are deciding the future of the entire world.

Nothing discussed at this conference is a secret. Documents are there. Books have been written about the people and groups behind the push toward Global Governance, but because the main stream media and our politicians don’t talk about it or explain the basis of so many policies that are being implemented, few people know what is happening or why.

GreenMaskA21What people need to understand is that the “Green Agenda” is a mechanism they are using. If they can convince enough of us that man is destroying the environment we won’t resist the oppressive measures they are taking to combat that fictitious claim. CA AB32 called for us to reduce our CO2 emissions to 1980 levels by 2020.  We have already reached that goal so why do they want to reduce it more? After all the world is NOT warming, hasn’t been for the last 15 years or more, and CO2 is a nutrient necessary for life. The more CO2 the more plants grow.  CARB (California Air Resources Board) wants to reduce CO2 to 1930’s levels now. Do you want to live as we did in the 1930’s? Do you believe man has run out of innovation? Los Angeles used to have a serious smog problem. We don’t anymore because of the catalytic converter. We will continue to progress technologically if left alone. But our government is moving us backwards.

The environmentalist argument is that too much wealth brings too much consumerism which pollutes the environment. Actually the opposite is true. The more wealth the cleaner the environment. All you have to do is look at richer countries compared to poorer countries. Wealthy countries have the means to be good stewards of the environment and mostly do it.

The environmentalists don’t like humans. They believe our opposable thumbs and ability to reason don’t make us superior and instead makes us more dangerous. The goal of Agenda 21 is to reduce the world population to 1 billion  (Read UN Agenda 21 site). We are hearing again that our resources can’t support our population. Let’s put that into perspective. If you took the entire population of the world, divided it into four member family units, gave each a quarter acre of land, the entire population of the world would fit into Texas. We have plenty of room and resources to support the population. Environmentalists are restricting our ability to farm and use our natural resources in the name of “climate change”.

Founder David Rockefeller (front row center) at the Trilateral Commission’s 40th Anniversary meeting in Berlin, March 16, 2013, with (front row from left) Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Jean-Claude Trichet, and Minoru Makihara, and (back row) Paul A. Volcker and Michael Fuchs.

The Presentations

The first speaker of the day, Patrick Wood, co-author of “Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II, ” is an expert on historic and modern Technocracy.  Technocracy is based on “humanism” which worships earth over God. They believe they can control people using science and technology, not revolution.  A group, including David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski (security advisor under Carter), founded the Trilateral Commission in the 1970’s with a plan for a new international economic order. It promotes interdependence between countries and free trade. Since then 6 out of 8 heads of the World Bank have been members of the Trilateral Commission. Ten out of seventeen National Security Advisors have been members, seven out of 12 Presidents and Vice-Presidents have been members. It is this group that lead to the UN’s Agenda 21.

Debbie Bacigalupi spoke next, a sixth generation Californian. She and her family have been ranchers and farmers in Siskiyou County for generations and are under heavy attack from environmentalists. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with BS in Business and Masters in Business Management. She speaks about Agenda 21, property rights, water rights and the attack on rural America.  Bacigalupi showed a video of Nancy Pelosi introducing Agenda 21 to Congress via H. Con. Res 353 in October 1992 (at 01:56, video below), in case you thought it was just a conspiracy theory.

She also addressed  dams, which are being blown up across the country. This  administration is shutting down our coal plants (providing 48% of our energy), but most are unaware that they are also blowing up our dams that provide hydro-electric, CLEAN energy, as well as lakes for boating, fishing and recreation.  They say it is to protect the fish but all that is needed is  is to build fish ladders.  Where they have blown up dams it has actually killed the fish because of the dirt and silt released. It’s overtaken private property and reduced water and electricity to farmers and cities.  The EPA plans to destroy 75,000 dams across America. WHY? Ms. Bacigalupi  showed the numerous thick volumes of regulations being imposed on us in the name of environmentalism, sustainability and biodiversity. Most are  four or five inches thick, and they covered the table. Debbie held up the Bible and the Constitution and said these are the foundation of our country and all we need.

Next was Heather Gass. Heather, one of the busiest activists for property rights in Northern California (which is ground zero for Agenda 21).  She is working to stop One Bay Area Plan. This is a plan to reorganize the Bay area. Most of us aren’t aware that there are regional planning commissions. We elect local City Councils and planning commissions to plan and run our cities. We don’t elect “regional” planning commissions and were never asked if we wanted them. These regional commissions come up with plans that override local authorities and have no regard to private property. They designate areas as wildlands or create wildlife corridors that cut through private property.  You might not even know about this until you try to build something on your property and find out you can’t. One Bay Area Plan makes it nearly impossible to keep single family homes. It moves people into cities and apartments along transportation corridors. If we don’t stop it in the Bay area, it WILL come here.

Next, my friend Mike Munzing spoke. I met Mike at the first American Freedom Alliance Conference  in 2011: “Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny?” He was inspired by the conference to run for City Council in Aliso Viejo and won.  He spoke of how he was able (with a little help from his friends) to stop the “Green Cities” plan for his city.  Since then Mike has been appointed to SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments), our version of One Bay Area. This is exactly what we need: one of us on these unelected councils that are planning our futures without our permission.

The last speaker was Michael Shaw.  He is a lawyer and one of the leading activists against Agenda 21. He is one of the first to discover Agenda 21. He’s from Santa Cruz, which has been the test city for most of the Agenda 21 plans. Michael has brought many lawsuits to stop the violations of our property rights.  He owned property in Santa Cruz that was zoned for 20 homes and wanted to build one home on the land for himself.  When he tried to get a building permit he was denied because a regional plan overrode the city plan. He sued. One judge said he could still use his land, he could walk on it and weed it. He finally won his suit. Michael founded Freedom Advocates to combat Agenda 21. His website has a great deal of useful information and recommendations.  Michael and Rosa Koire (author of Behind the Green Mask)  have filed a lawsuit against One Bay Area.

Michael explained that is a violation of the Constitution for any city to enter into any international agreement. There are more than 600 ICLEI cities in America. ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) is an international agreement. California has the most ICLEI cities in the country- over 100. One of Michael’s recommendations is to charge City Council members with “misprisions of treason”. Which means they are failing to perform a public duty to report treason. His website explains how.

We need to look at what has happened in Europe. How many of us are aware that the European Union appointed, what is for all intents and purposed, “dictators” to run Italy and Greece.  Now, there is no question the elected leaders had run their countries into the ground, but do we want leaders appointed by other countries? Italy and Greece are on the verge of collapse because they kept increasing social services, salaries and pensions and decreasing work hours and retirement ages, just what we are discussing here now.

If people don’t understand what is happening and why, we can’t stop it.


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 


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Stefan Djordjevic

Let’s try some prayer to tame this beast. But keep up the good fight.