The Hive Mind Loves Sidewalk Memorials





By David Stewart

hive.mindThe Hive Mind loves sidewalk memorials.  It is a wonderful opportunity show how much the Hive Mind cares about all disadvantaged people and dead people certainly qualify as disadvantaged.  It is all so sad and you get to light candles.  Hive Minders don’t have to even know who is being remembered, just bring candles and flowers and small stuffed animals.  They get to be on television if they are there at the right time.  What’s better than that?  The best sidewalk memorial ever is for the Palestinian Children who were protecting the tunnels dug by Hamas, well actually dug by the children under the watchful guns of the Hamas soldiers protecting them.  I mean who does Israel think it is?  Just because Hamas is shooting off harmless fireworks over the border, I mean, whatever.

Sidewalk memorials are almost as good as posting on your Facebook page, in fact posting selfies from the memorial using your cell phone on your face page is almost ecstatic, OMG!  The best is messaging all your 1000 best friends to go to your Facebook page immediately to bask in the awe of your face page star status.

You go Hive Mind, we are all watching…

David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.


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