The Hive Mind Loves the Children





By David Stewart


M-13-Gang Member...the children

M-13-Gang Member…the children

Most humans love children and the Hive Mind is no exception.  Whenever the children are mentioned, especially the innocent illegal alien children, the Like thumbs go up all over Facebook pages.  The romance of children outside the law is irresistible, especially when they are far away in some secret location.  Who can resist helping them, especially when you don’t actually have to do anything or sacrifice anything.  You don’t even have to call the 1-800-IllegalChildren number and donate, the government has taken care of all that messy business for all of us diligent, caring Hivers.  All the Hive Mind has to do is celebrate our kind and caring leaders, our Queen Bee president and the other deeply caring departments in the executive branch.

What the Hive Mind does not like one little bit are those selfish, whining, complaining local residents who are unwilling to take the illegal children into their communities and homes.  Protesting the heath issues, the threat of contagious disease just seems so selfish and narrow minded.  The Hive Mind would never protest and besides those places are too far away to drive to and there are not any trains going to that town.  How can people even live there.  They wave their signs and video each other and actually block the roads bringing these poor little sick children with their colorful club affiliation tattoos to their new loving homes on military bases.

The Hive Mind knows that staying home or meeting friends for drinks or listening to music or watching youtube videos on their mobile phones is not only fun but patriotic.

hive.mind.2David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.


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