The Hive Mind

By David Stewart


graphic by David M Stewart

The US has lead the way once again into a new direction.  I call it the “Hive Mind”.  We developed the technology and intellectual assets to begin its formation.  You can see it plainly on any street in almost any city in the US.  All the young people and most of the middle aged and even many old people are walking around staring at small screens and “connecting” with the Hive Mind.  I think the quintessential manifestation of this phenomena is Facebook and Twitter.  Our species is evolving right before our eyes and it is scaring the crap out of me.

Ayn Rand would be churning in her grave as this collectivism is eating our culture and turning it into virtual Zombies living in a virtual world.  Maybe this is not a bad thing, maybe we have just recently been able to see how completely mundane the ambitions of most people truly are.  Even the ghettos have become the poster children for capitalism and entrepreneurism.  Drug dealers and gangs are more about free enterprise and risk taking  than the corporations who like the Nazis in the days of Hitler, are in bed with the Government.  Recently the city of San Jose convinced Facebook corporate to start paying extra money for local protection from crime.  They are sponsoring officers in an effort to protect their Campus.

All ruling elites love the Hive Mind, it organizes the worker bees and voter bees into a controllable social network.  It hypnotizes them as they spend more and more time posting their location and what they are eating for dinner and what they are spending their money on.

Cash is the great enemy of central control.  Cash is one of the last freedoms left.  It can’t be controlled how it is used once it has escaped the Banks.  Transactions are virtually untraceable in the virtual world.  The new Hive Mind cannot see cash, cannot trace it or record it.  They can only see and note the electronic exchange of assets.  This is frightening to those controlling the Hive Mind.  I think we can look forward to a war between the physical world which lives with cash and the controllers of the social collective.  They are making it easier and easier to avoid touching the dirty cash loved by criminals, drug dealers, smugglers, pirates and all sorts of deviant individuals bent on living outside the bounds of the Hive Mind.  Yikes, they are going to get them!

David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.


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