The Hotly Contested Thousand Oaks City Council Race



By Mandy Jacob

Election season is here, and it is time to take a deep dive into the City of Thousand Oaks’s run for City Council. The backstory to this race has more drama than a Spanish Soap Opera. On the one hand we have the Mayor Al Adam, touting everything he has done for Thousand Oaks. However, the average resident is not impressed with the increase of homelessness and general deterioration of our beautiful suburban city.

Joel Price had his run on the City Council and then was voted off in 2018. He is openly endorsed by the Soros backed Indivisible Conejo and Conejo Together. Running on not as extreme left agenda that Joel Price has embraced is the young youth pastor Dan Chulack. He supports Prop 15 and wants to endorse cannabis for recreational use within Thousand Oaks. Wayne Smith is a first-time city council runner and his career as a CPA would definitely help the city trim the fat from the annual budget.

Residents may be intrigued to know that both Joel Price and Al Adams have voted biannually to approve city managers and city attorney pay increases. On the face of it, it may not sound too distressing however our city managers are some of the highest paid salaries in the state and thus, by default within the Nation. In 2019 the City attorney received $369, 242 including benefits and the City Manager, $418, 562 including benefits, City Clerk $233, 757 including benefits. The city council can do better with the investment of residents’ taxpayer dollar[1]. I am sure Wayne Smith would say the same.

Colleen Andersen’s platform is run purely on technology. She has made no qualms about developing Thousand Oaks into the next smart city using 5G technology and will sell those rights to the highest bidder. This comes much to the dismay of thousands of residents that have actively been fighting against the irresponsible rollout of such AI capturing microwave radiation units.

Al Adams too has publicly sided with the Telecom Industry, ignoring a petition from more than 6000 residents of Thousand Oaks. So far, those residents have spent tens of thousands of dollars on environment litigation seeking justice from the City Council, so as not to be evicted from their homes. Twedt, a home care aid, has suggested that the city form science-based initiatives for sensible fiscal spending.

One of the runners quite accustomed to scientific solutions is Dr. Kevin McNamee. He has some innovative ideas regarding Thousand Oaks water practices which have not changed since 1955. “We could reuse our water, like Las Virgines district and no longer be dependent on Northern California Water Bills”. McNamee is almost completely self-funded and is running for the people of Thousand Oaks. The PAC’s created for Al Adams and Joel Price, on the other hand, come close to $100 000 each! “who are in the hands of big money outside of the city who want to change Thousand Oaks forever,” as quoted from the Acorn and are predominantly funded by out-of-town Commercial Real Estate Developers.

Although Frank Enderle is a real estate agent, he is not one to be bought off by any developers and is not scared to take on this fight. He is a father that came to the race out of desperation to have a non-politician run. And as reiterated by the small business owner candidates Smith, McNamee and Enderle, it is time to support the small business owners within the city of Thousand Oaks.

It is time to find a city council leader that is for the residents and their taxpayer dollar. Thousand Oaks can’t afford to elect City Council Members who are beholden to SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. KNOW before you vote.

*views expressed on this post are purely informational and not sponsored by any candidate running for office*


Mandy Jacob is President of United States Issues Reform

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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Mike Smith
Mike Smith
4 months ago

“Thousand Oaks can’t afford to elect City Council Members who are beholden to SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. KNOW before you vote.”

Anyone who knows, by name, exactly which SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS are involved in the TO City Council election –and which candidates they’re backing– please name them here.

AND run the group name(s) on, and Any SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS profiled on these sites are verifiable, insurgent Left-wing counterstate groups.