The hypocritical stupidity of the elite




By George Miller

Why is it that “luminaries” throughout the world are tripping over themselves to condemn the outrageous, inhuman, barbaric attacks in Paris… while far worse goes on every day in the Middle East, as hundreds of Christians, Atheists– and Muslims who follow the wrong flavor of Islam– are shot, knifed, raped, buried alive, beheaded, tortured, drowned and burned, while their property is stolen and the surviving women and children are taken away as concubines or slaves? Said elite make a token effort to be seem to be doing something about it, but only Russia and some private volunteers have come to their aid- but selectively and with their own agenda, so it seems.


But those are third world, mostly non-white, non G-20, non-powerful, non-influential, poorer, lower-visibility, non-glamorous countries. But, when it happened in First-World, wealthy, high-visibility, elite-populated, media-infested Paris, just weeks before the much-(over)hyped UN world climate summit, it finally got their undivided attention- at least for a few “news cycles.”

What of the idiots, including the one in the White House, who still won’t admit the nature of the threat, who perpetrates it and what to do about it? Do they really have our best interests at heart, or do they follow some other agenda? Are they really stupid enough to believe that Global Warming, er, “Climate Change” is the greatest threat to mankind?  Are we really stupid enough to elect them and even put up with them for another moment?

France had its own 9-1-1 this week. The French President may finally be awakening and his country returning to sanity again. He seems to finally “get” it. 

Rahm Emanuel was likely correct when he said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  I’m not holding my breath, but let’s hope and pray that our current crop of leaders is smart enough to heed that and even smarter- to do the right things this time.   Or they will need to be replaced. But, we are running out of time, so Godspeed.


George Miller is Publisher of, “retired,” residing in Oxnard

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William "Bill" Hicks

It’s an unfortunate thing that the leftist elites will NEVER see life in real terms until it hits them personally in the face.