The Jews, Again!

seek times; font-size: 16px;”>By Gregory J. Welborn

there times; font-size: 16px;”>The world stands on the brink of yet another war between Israel and the Palestinians.  The accepted wisdom is that the Jews have once again pricked their neighbors and ignited the powder keg.  But, is it really just a matter of the Jews behaving themselves and dealing fairly with their neighbors?  If only the Jews would give up some land – see the legitimacy in the Palestinian cause.  The problem with this scenario is that it assumes the Palestinian cause is simply to obtain a homeland for themselves and to then live peacefully with their neighbors.  Were that the true Palestinian cause, we would have had peace long ago.

target.It is beyond ironic that the accepted wisdom retains credibility at a time when Israel’s coalition government has openly accepted the recognition of a Palestinian state.  Israeli opinion has moved over the years to the point where there is a strong national consensus for a two-state solution.  In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu became the first prime minister to agree to a settlement freeze. 

Netanyahu froze settlements for ten months, inviting Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the PLO, to negotiate the border lines, terms and conditions.  Abbas boycotted the talks for nine of those months, showed up in the tenth and then walked out when the freeze expired.  That’s not good faith, but it is consistent with the long history of Palestinian actions.

In 2000 at the Camp David meetings, Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, offered Yasser Arafat a Palestinian state including the unthinkable – the division of Jerusalem.  Arafat refused without any counter offer, returned home and then launched a terror campaign which cost 1,000+ Israeli lives.

In 2001, the Clinton administration negotiated an even better deal for Palestinians.  Both sides needed to swallow hard and release long-held demands.  The Jews did; Arafat did not.  Again, the Palestinians walked away from their “cause”.

In 2005, Israel was actually convinced to give up Gaza.  They withdrew all forces, dismantled 21 settlements and forcibly evicted 9,000 of its own citizenry from those settlements.  This was then followed by a 2008 Israeli offer to give up 100% of the West Bank, acknowledge Palestinian statehood, and again divide Jerusalem.  The Palestinian response?  A steady increase in Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

An honest observer can see that the Palestinians have repeatedly been offered success for their “cause”:  land, statehood, and an equal claim to Jerusalem.   Each time, they have rejected the solution because each time the solution didn’t address their true cause.  Each offer contained in it a requirement that the Palestinians accept Israel’s right to exist.  Each offer was meant to be a final peace, but the Palestinians have no interest in a final peace; they have no interest in allowing a Jewish state to exist.

Israel.defends.its.freedomLand for peace was the basis for peace with Egypt; it was the basis for peace in Jordon.  In both cases, Arab leadership had a real interest in peace, accepted fair deals and, at least to date, has honored the agreements.  Not so with the Palestinians.  Palestinians are animated by a hatred which knows few boundaries, and that hatred is nurtured by both Hamas and PLO leadership which are united in a visceral hatred of Israel and will take any excuse to translate that hatred from ugly words (“pigs”, “apes”, “rabid dogs”, “non-humans”) into real sticks and stones (literally thousands of rockets).

This time around Hamas jumped on the murder of a Palestinian teenager.  The murder of any person, especially a child, is a gruesome act and warrants an appropriate response.  But waging a war is not an appropriate response by any stretch of domestic or international law, or even of a properly tethered imagination.  First of all, the Palestinian’s murder was in response to the Palestinian murder of three Jewish youths.  That is NOT justification, only context.  If murder is a legitimate cause for war, then Israel is three-times more justified in warring against Palestinians.  More telling, the different public responses to these murders reside on unequal moral planes.  Israeli citizens, Jewish authorities and leading Rabbis have all condemned the murder of the Palestinian – several of the Rabbis calling for the death sentence.  The response among Palestinians to the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish youths was celebration.  The mother of one of the Palestinian suspects commented that “if he did the kidnapping, I’ll be proud of him,” while the mother of another Palestinian terrorist celebrated the “martyrdom operation” which cost her son his life. 

What kind of people celebrate the purposeful murder of innocents?  What type of people celebrate the death of their own child who was trying to kill and maim hundreds, if not thousands, in his “martyrdom operation”?  The answer is, not people who truly want peace or with whom you can negotiate peace in good faith. 

So what’s left for Israel to do?  Sadly, if Israel wants a fair, lasting, “final” peace, it’s going to have to attack the root cause of war.  That is not Jewish settlements or any amount or location of land.  Israel will have to destroy Hamas as a viable political entity and as a military power even in the face of the inevitable calls for restraint or proportionate response.  This does not mean the purposeful targeting of citizens – even the accidental killing of whom Israel takes great pain to avoid.  Even now, Israel is warning citizens of Hamas to leave the area.  This is what a great moral power does.  Putting military targets next to school yards, hospitals and residential areas – as Hamas routinely does – is what a cowardly and evil power does.

The world will be better off if the Jews will wage this war until Hamas is destroyed.  Secondarily to that, the region will achieve long-term peace when Arabs of all political and religious affiliations come to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  When that happens, peace will happen.


 About the author:  Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues.  He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community.  He can be reached [email protected]


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2 Responses to The Jews, Again!

  1. Ralph DeVane July 18, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    What is the justification for firing rockets into residential areas? Read the Koran and you’ll see they need no other excuse than the Israelis (or any other non Muslim) is breathing their air. It’s no more complicated than that.

    Words mean things and the Koran has over 150 verses describing their contempt for non Muslims and how they are to be treated (and it isn’t good)

  2. Robin Westmiller July 18, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    The media has been pro-Palestine since Israel won the 7 day war. We constantly hear about the “Israel occupation”, but the land was not “occupied” it was won as a result of winning a war. A war which was started by the other side.

    All of the television coverage shows those “poor, suffering” Palestinian victims and the “evil” Jews who caused such suffering. Not one mentioned that NONE of these people would suffer any loss of life at all if those attacking Israel would just STOP.

    You can’t negotiate peace with a side that not only does not want peace, but wants to erase your very existence from the planet and won’t stop killing, bombing and destroying until that happens.

    The Jewish people have survived every nation that has tried to destroy them. From the Romans, to the Spanish, to the Persians, to the Germans to the Palestinians/Iranians. We’re still here, stronger than ever. The only difference is, that now we’re fighting back. And we’re still considered the “bad guys”.

    Go figure.

    “Never Again” is not just a fancy slogan, it is our motto AND our battle cry.

    Now, let’s eat!


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