The Media and a Variety of Wingnuts

By John Jay

There are many things I would like to say about all of the mass hysteria, rioting, news hoaxes and so on.  Far too many for one message, so  I will address them  a few at a time in a series of messages:  FOCUS 1:  Media Reporters and “Radical Rabble Rowsers”
#1  With respect to the “Black Lives Matter” wing nuts, let me say this about that: Black Lives matter, yes, but White Lives matter and Brown Lives matter; ALL LIVES
MATTER!!!  Saying that ONLY one group matters is an extreme form of racism or prejudice!
#2   Mainstream reporters (especially on MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN) are always saying idiotic things like the following:  “We are reporting today from the following
“BATTLEGROUND states”.  IF there are battlegrounds, there MUST be a war! Where in hell is the war, in which the BATTLES are taking place?  
#3  FLIPPING HOUSES:  You flip PANCAKES and HAMBURGER PATTIES;  You do NOT, repeat NOT, “FLIP HOUSES”!  A truly idiotic abuse of the language!
The foregoing indicates that MANY people out there, especially mainstream reporters, are either (1) uneducated, or (2) using their brains for seat cushions.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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C Craig
C Craig
5 months ago


You can have a “white Lives Matter” movement when you are abused for 400 plus years.