Minimum Wage kills small business while another faces layoffs




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Realizing many people praise it, and many people need it, I have to say that the new minimum wage of $10 an hour (and soon to start escalating) has a definite down side. I personally know two people with small businesses that have been adversely affected.

One of them said that all three of his employees have been with him for fifteen years, and his business has supported them and him quite comfortably. But with this new Federal edict, he cannot afford to pay all of them the mandated $10 an hour. He cannot decide which of his prompt, faithful employees to let go so he’s trying to work out a schedule of cutting all of their hours so they at least maintain the same income. But he woefully acknowledged doing that will leave them without benefits, leave him short of manpower, and therefore cause a loss of business.

The second person simply quit. After over 20 years of a successful business he could not afford to pay the $10 hour, and refused to lay off any of his employees. His answer was to shut down the company and move out of California. He’s so disgusted with the Federal edict and escalating minimum wage, he’s not sure he will reopen anywhere.

One has to wonder how many times, in how many cities across our Nation, these same scenarios will be played out  – workers losing their jobs or full-time hours and, therefore, their benefits.

So, is raising the minimum wage going to help, or hurt, most workers? And, what is it going to do to small business, the grass roots economy that built our Country?


Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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Naomi Fisher

Perhaps I did not make my point clear. These are small businesses. The to do not bring in enough money to pay both benefits and the $10.10 min. wage. Small business, small income. That’s what a SMALL business is, folks, that is what helped build our county. The above are real people with a real job, I did not ask their permission to print their names, so I cannot give them. But their employees have been happy with their jobs, obviously, to work there so long and those employees understand the financial restraints of a small business.

Ellis Green

I am still searching for the FACTS!

Two mythical businesses, with mythical employees, supposedly happy to NOT be earning a living wage? A business unwilling to pay its employees living wages should not exist.

smart person

Ok so min wage is 10 dollers an hour and it will be 15 dollers.. sooo that means every year you will have to give a 0.8333 cent raise. Dont people give raises anyways with cost of living.. stop your belly aching… who knows the real reason why you closed up your business.. plus i hate these non evediance based articles that only scare people.. where are your facts..

Anthony van Leeuwen

The higher the labor cost, the greater the pressure on businesses to automate the work. Instead of ordering your hamburger at a counter talking to a real person, you may get stuck with completing your order on a kiosk. In other words, the number of jobs at minimum wage will decrease.

Currently our economy is not generating enough jobs to employ young people graduating from high school. Higher minimum wages will only decrease the availability of these jobs.

Liberals like well meaning solutions – but well meaning solutions have consequences. It used to be if you want a good job and good pay, you work hard to study and qualify yourself for a higher earning job. Liberals think they can take a shortcut and just mandate a higher minimum-wage.

Ronald Kephart

Let me say this: If your “business” can’t exist without paying your workers less than a minimum (I should say living) wage, then your “business” should probably die.