The Mueller Aftermath

by Phil Erwin

The infamous, long-awaited, supposed-to-be game-changing “Mueller Report” is finally out. And the Democrats, who for more than 2 years screamed “Collusion!” are flummoxed. They had prayed incessantly to Mueller in the fervent hope that his report would be Trump’s undoing.

But Mueller’s report says: “No Collusion!”

Of course, we had many weeks’ advance signals that such would be the case. So the Democrats had already moved on to “Obstruction!” as their new Get-Trump mantra.

But Mueller’s report doesn’t charge that, either.

In fact, what it really tells us is this: That Trump knew he was innocent of any “collusion” or other treasonous acts with Russia; that he hated being questioned and investigated unreasonably; that he (rightly) believed it was interfering with his ability to govern, and therefore was hurting the nation; and accordingly, he tried – unsuccessfully! – to find some way to put a swift – and just! – end to the Mueller “witch hunt.”

Mueller took pains to suggest those efforts might represent some form of “obstruction of justice” – which would be an impeachable crime, if it did occur.

Here’s the problem with that: Since there was no underlying crime to be investigated, and Trump knew ithis efforts to bring a swift end to the “investigation” were reasonable, warranted, and in the best interests of the nation!

After all: How can you be obstructing justice by interfering with a misguided, unfair, illegally-spawned investigation into a non-crime?

If Trump tried to obstruct anything, it was an unjust, nation-damaging, sham “investigation,” a.k.a.: Witch hunt.

And don’t forget: In the final analysis, thanks to the better angels Trump had working for him, nothing was obstructed!

If you’re wondering why Mueller declined to conclude that obstruction had occurred, there’s your best, simplest and most reasonable answer. Mueller knew the charge would never stand, and in fact might wind up improving Trump’s image. Which of course, Mueller did not want to do.

So instead, he wrote what one Democrat Congressman called a “roadmap to impeachment.”

Nice job, Bob. Way to discharge your professional responsibilities.

You Deep State hack.

Now, Republicans are all singing, “No Collusion, No Obstruction!” in triumphant voice, ecstatic in their belief that Mueller’s report completely exonerated the President from all such legal entanglements. Meanwhile, Democrats are grasping at the one straw in the report that might provide them some lever to yank on while wearing those Impeach Him! hats they ordered the morning after Trump’s election, and have been dying to sport in public ever since.

Be clear on this: Mueller’s report doesn’t say that Trump didn’t obstruct justice. It says there was insufficient evidence to support an indictment of him for that charge.

So you can’t prove he obstructed justice in a court of law. But the Democrats can sure try to prove it in the court of public opinion.

Get your ears set. After two years of Collusion!!, we’re now on the hook for two more years of Obstruction!!

Egad, aren’t we all sick of this?

What can we really take away from this unending political strife? Is there anything useful that we can learn from the political “witch hunt” that we paid millions to collectively endure?

Yes. There is:

  1. The Russians did, indeed, strive to interfere with our electoral processes. In fact, they tried to “collude” (or “interfere”) with both candidacies. Their intent was not, as Hillary supporters are convinced, to elevate Trump and drag her down. What they wanted was to sow discord among the American populace. I’d say they succeeded, big-time. All it cost them was a few hundred thousand dollars. But it cost us $30 million or so, and a never-ending public squabble that drowned out any real political discourse. Therefore: Anyone continuing the squabble is playing right into Putin’s hands! (That renders the Democrats Putin’s “useful idiots” – not Trump!)

  2. The reality that the Collusion!! nonsense was just a politically-motivated witch hunt has been obvious to any and all who bothered to look (with an open mind!) for almost the entire two years of Trump’s Presidency. We have known, for at least 18 months, that the whole thing was cooked up by a small cadre of political and law-enforcement players in the very heart of the Obama administration. Indeed, we’ve suspected this since the day that Congressman Devin Nunes stormed over to the White House after viewing classified documents that laid the whole scheme bare for him, and then stood before the press microphones and angrily warned that people were illegally leaking classified information and illegally “unmasking” names from classified documents. Those people had to be in the Obama administration.

  3. We’ve learned that the Democrat Party as a whole is fundamentally incapable of setting aside partisanship in order to govern; that elected Democrats are utterly incapable of seeing past their collective hatred of Donald Trump and just getting on with their actual legislative jobs.

  4. And we’ve learned that the so-called “mainstream” Media, including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and most print news outlets, are absolutely indistinguishable from the Democrat Party. That is why more than 90% of all news stories dealing with Trump and his administration are negative stories. (And it is also well-documented that about 90% of “journalists” in the “mainstream” media are, in fact, Democrats. See any pattern there?)

Imagine: 90% of your “news” reviews are negative, even though you’ve done more to improve the nation’s economic lot than the past 3 Presidents combined!

I think that would make anyone fire off a Twitter storm.

Seen in that light, you might even call Trump’s Twitter tirades “tame.” He’s only used the “BS” label a couple times (and twice more in rallies.)

I think he could rightly have used it every hour of every day since Mueller was first appointed.

And BS is pretty much all we could expect from Mueller, a so-called “lifelong Republican” who, in preparing to “investigate” (really, to railroad) the President, hires more than 17 Trump-hating Democrats, including one who had worked for both Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, two involved in white-washing Hillary’s e-mail “missteps,” and one whose overzealous, abusive investigative tactics have resulted in the courts overturning his biggest cases.

How much more obvious could it be that the Fix was IN?


Get it?

It was all a fabrication!

As Peter Strzok (the now-disgraced/fired FBI Counterintellingence agent who apparently engineered the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s team) himself admitted: There never was any There there!

If Trump was angry, he had really, really good reasons to be!

And we should all, in retrospect, share in his anger.

Because we were all duped!  By the Deep State and the Democrats!

Same Damn thing.


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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Robert Kinkead

Peter Pickell
April 29, 2019 at 3:16pm

Spot on, Phil. I couldn’t have said it better. Could it really be that this president really has the well-being of the American people at heart? Could that really be? When I think of today’s opposition party, why does the image of a waterless urinal backing up come to mind? Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Thomas Schumacher

I enjoyed reading the recent editorial by Phil Erwin on the Muller aftermath. Everything was to the point and intelligent written. It is such a shame that our government has been transformed into a political mess that it does not matter what “We the people” elected to lead.