The “New” New Left



By Mike Smith

The moment is finally here: all remaining doubt as to whether the Democrat Party seeks to move further to the left is gone. Last week, DNC Chair Tom Perez effectively fired all DNC staffers, with reinstatements pending the meeting of certain new criteria later this month. Naturally, the mainstream media is ignoring this event. But it is public record, and can only be denied to the extent it can be hidden. Those who claimed that the Democrat Party would be any better with Tom Perez as DNC chair than Keith Ellison are most hard-pressed to defend this claim. Perez himself has clarified his true position and intentions clearly; no fake news necessary.

Tom Perez’s decision to completely clean house at the DNC and “start over” ultimately disproves the idea that somehow the DNC is more moderate under Perez than Ellison. It also disproves the notion that the Democrat Party is interested in either moderating or maintaining its already far-left position. If that were the case, Perez wouldn’t have made Ellison his right hand man, let alone fired all DNC staffers in one fell swoop. Of course, neither Perez nor Ellison would be anywhere near the DNC power base either. With Perez a communist on one hand and Ellison an Islamist on the other, no daylight exists between these two. In electing Perez over Ellison, the Democrat Party chose one form of oppression over another; further leftward devolution was certain.

To this end, Perez will re-hire those whom he considers to be satisfactorily toeing what is yet another re-drawn party line. Basically, those not deemed leftist enough by Perez and his “new” new Democrat Party will have to unmake the American Revolution with a different group. This is no effort to bring the DNC closer to true liberalism or make it more democratic. On the contrary, Tom Perez’s unilateral political realignment is the most undemocratic move he could have made. This is the thanks the Democrat Party gets for painstakingly scrutinizing the DNC chair election. They even took greater care in counting the votes for Perez and Ellison than they did for Clinton in the presidential election, which is also public record (albeit also not well known thanks to mainstream media malpractice).

The DNC’s actions leading up to and surrounding Perez’s action this week are not the only evidence for how far left the Democratic Party now is, however. Perez is just continuing a far leftward movement that started a long time ago. None of what he is doing surprises those who still remember the DNC’s rigging of the presidential primary against Bernie Sanders, though even that was not the Democrats’ first far-left move. History shows that the election and re-election of Obama was when the Democrat Party decided to be a far-left faction dedicated to the fundamental transformation (read: unmaking) of America. By 2012, their minds were made up.

Tom Perez’s election as DNC chairman is unique only in that he is the first openly communist DNC chair, just as Ellison’s appointment is unique only in that he is their first openly Islamist co-chair. But both are ultimately two sides of the same new left.

DNC Chair, Tom Perez

Mike Smith is a writer, Millenial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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Tom Snyder

I used to be a communist foot soldier in the Democratic Party in the 1970s. Jimmy Carter was our candidate and I worked a precinct for him in Ohio. Obama, Perez, et al. are just coming out of the closet. They are still couching Marxist, communist rhetoric in euphemisms like diversity, inclusion, gender, and the ever-popular “equality.” It’s all just trickle up poverty, as Michael Savage says.

William Hicks

Simply put….”From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

That fits all those euphemism’s.

William Hicks

Add the indoctrination in our schools and we have a generation of leftists leading and following a communist agenda.