The new Peyton Place—Bruce Feng continues as Camarillo’s City Mgr.: David Norman now Assistant City Mgr.

By staff writers

City Manager Bruce Feng’s contract is renewed:


Camarillo Council Chambers


Camarillo’s Council renewed City Manager Feng’s contract at their January 14th meeting despite having settled a harassment law against the city and Mr. Feng in October of 2014.

Scribd: 2013 Yolanda Kueny (City Employee) lawsuit against City of Camarillo and City Manager Bruce Feng for Harassment, retaliation, labor law and Family leave act violations, and charges of Brown Act violations against Camarillo City Hall/City Council. Filed in Ventura County, CA. The City of Camarillo settled this case out of court by providing the City Employee with a large settlement under the condition of she sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  You can read the settlement: kueny settlement 2014.s

The Feng’s revised agreement was prepared by the current City Attorney. The pending agreement provides for a 2.5% annual salary increase to $232,792 retroactive backed to July 1, 2014.  Bruce Feng was initially hired on October 1, 2010 for an annual salary of $210,000.(11% total salary increase since his start date)  Included in this agreement are the city’s 7% defined contribution plan(401a) and 3% to a deferred compensation.  Unknown paid health, dental, vision and disability insurance.  He will receive a $500 per month automobile allowance.

$232,792 base salary, effective 7-1-14.

$16,295 define contribution(401A)

$6,984 Deferred compensation

$6,000 annual car allowance

$6,000 estimate paid health/dental/vision

$268,071 total estimated annual compensation.

Other allegations of a toxic work environment have surfaced, ones the Council most likely were aware of when renewing the Manager’s hefted contract. Our Camarillo reporter gave this to the City Attorney before the vote and it was given to us the day of the council meeting, making it questionable why our source waited until the 11th hour:

“During Bruce Feng term the following city employee issues have developed

  1. November 10 2010 Yolanda Kueny, the assistant HR person file a formal compliant for harassment against Bruce Feng.  On March 1, 2013 Yolanda Kueny filed a formal Superior Court lawsuit against Bruce Feng and the City of Camarillo.  A out of court settlement was agreed to at a reported cost of $800,000+ that includes, wages, legal fees, work compensation, and insurance payments.
  2. November 16, 2010 Katie Ohmeisis, administrative assistant to the prior City manager Jerry Bankston and a 22 year city employee walked out of city hall distressed over treatment by Bruce Feng. She never returned to work.
  3. On April 2011, Brian Pendleton was hire as the Economic Development director.  After alleged job harassment by Bruce Feng, he left city hall in September 2012.  He filed a formal Superior Court lawsuit against Bruce Feng and the city. He later decided to terminate his lawsuit complaint.  He is now Economic Director for City of Ventura. Camarillo has not fill their Economic Director position.
  4. October 10, 2014, a 13+ year city employee, is forced to go on paid administrative leave.
  5. On December 15, 2014, Rose Chaparro filed with Superior Court a job harassment, retaliation and other charges against the city.  Schedule court hearing is May 2015. On January 10, 2010 Rose Chaparro was hired by the city as an Administrative Specialist II for the Public Works Department. She resigned in the Fall 2013. She now work for City of Thousand Oaks.
  6. December 8, 2014, Assistant City Manager Dan Paranick after 3 years with the city quietly resigns. He now works for the City of Ventura

David Norman, new Assistant City Manager

We ran a routine press release from the City of Camarillo this week announcing David Norman as the new Assistant City Manager.

We subsequently discussed this with knowledgeable people in Camarillo who gave us past articles on Mr. Norman, from before the days of These indicate that he left previous positions involuntarily. One may wish to know why and also ask the question of  why the Camarillo City Manager chose to hire him as Community Development Director in 12/12 and recently promote him.

Norman replaces Dan Paranick, who left in November to become Assistant City Manager for Ventura. According to the Camarillo Acorn, “(Camarilo City Manager) Feng said Paranick did an outstanding job in Camarillo, helping the city to navigate the down economy and the dissolution of its redevelopment agency in 2012.”

Per the city, Mr. Feng also announced that Joseph R. Vacca, Assistant Community Development Director, has been named interim Community Development Director as of January 16, replacing Norman in that position. Prior articles on David Norman:  

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Lucy Schaefer
Lucy Schaefer
6 years ago

“One may wish to know why and also ask the question of why the Camarillo City Manager chose to hire him as Community Development Director in 12/12 and recently promote him”
What a bizarre attitude to have. You must know nothing about how local municipalities work. CMs and ACMs get fired all the time and rarely because of poor performance. It’s mostly for political or personal reasons.