The Newest New Green Energy Deal



By Twila Le Page-Hughes

What a deal!  This is from one of our newest Democrat (socialist) representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Everyone is calling her AOC for short.  A newly-minted upstart from New York.

Her take on curing Climate Change Democratic candidate hopefuls for the Oval Office echo is:

To eliminate planes, cars, buses and cows, poor cows, because of climate change.  They are into trains.  Wonder how we get to Hawaii? By train?  I know.  Build an underground tunnel. Trans Pacific.  Hear that former Governor Brown?  That’s only 2,479 miles.  He couldn’t even get a tiny part of a fast train to San Francisco completed.  That’s only 420 miles to cross.

Now COWS.  Holy cow!  What do cows provide?  The 4H kids did an assessment of what these bovines contribute: milk, cream cheese, butter, meat, and many other things like leather w.  Imagine a world without cowboy boots or dress shoes.  Move over Sketchers.    No more steak, hamburgers, tacos with beer. It’s the cow’s flatulence she objects to mostly.  It moves up into the ozone layer, she claims.  We know those pioneer women coming across the prairies used cow patties for fuel to cook with. There was not much wood or even brush there. 

By the way AOC, trains run mostly om diesel fuel.  It’s derived from petroleum and composed of 75% saturated hydrocarbons. A few run on electricity and power generation uses fuel, which comes from fossil fuels.  

Nothing but “pie in the sky”. But AOC is the darling of the liberal media and is on most late-night talk shows now.  Shes spouting her New Energy Deal and the end of the world in 12 years, which now she says she was only kidding. 

Man-made climate change.  “Well, there is no real  poof that very little is manmade and if it were so, it would take a long time for the atmosphere to change that much, so by the time it seriously affects the atmosphere, we would have the technology to shoot something up into the atmosphere to neutralize the ozone layer or change it for the better.”  This is from a hazardous materials engineer I met, who travels all over the world and has researched this topic.

Most of the research scientists from the universities that the left loves to obtain huge research grants from the government.  So they are not about to lose their funds disclaiming some of these half-truths.   Sure –climate always has and always will, change, but even if America changed everything, got rid of planes, buses, cars and cows, –the rest of the world, which is far greater in population, would not change that much, so the climate would still be affected. 

The master mind of our climate is the one who invented the world and the heavens to begin with, and it is up to Him to change it.  Let’s face it, we have no real control over it. 

Twila Le Page-Hughes is a writer, columnist, author and Program Chairman and Vice Pres. of South Bay Republican Women, who meet in Torrance, CA who has been interested in politics since age 11.  Her email is [email protected]

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