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    The Only Other Chance Democrats Have To Win In ’24

    So, is it going to be Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom that gets the Democratic nomination for 2024?

    I drool over either one, but I can’t see it will Biden. He’s just that unpopular, with approval ratings in the 20s in recent polling. Either one will be perceived as a loser for the party – with Biden for what he has done nationally and Newsom for what he’s “accomplished” in California.

    The only other name that continues to come up is Michelle Obama. That’s right. Michelle My Belle, as the late Great One, Rush Limbaugh, called her for so long. God bless him.

    There continues to be media buzz as well as hope that the former first lady might run for what would be a third term for Barack Obama, who feels cheated that he was denied one by Biden. He should have known better. It was he that gave the most accurate picture of Biden when he said: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up.”

    The next election comes down to, effectively, three states – Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin. If Donald Trump wins them, he becomes president of the United States. Period. Unless there is cheating again by Democrats.

    But let’s take a closer look at Michelle.

    There’s a new book about her coming out by the great Joel Gilbert called “Michelle Obama 2024.” No, he is hardly a fan. The subtitle for the book is “Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.” You can order it from WND, for the record, as soon as it is out.

    I see no sign of Michelle actually running, but she could be somebody’s pick for, say, vice president, replacing the current drag on the ticket. Perhaps Newsom would tap her?

    As it stands, Biden’s chances of winning reelection against a credible Republican presidential candidate aren’t great. Is he going to get 80 million “votes” again, more than anyone else in history? It’s doubtful he can without mega-fraud, palpable cheating – but all they really need to do is take either Arizona, Georgia or Wisconsin. We’ve seen how easy it is to do.

    The majority of voters don’t want the 80-year-old Biden to run again, including a solid majority (57%) of Democratic voters. And that majority is likely to grow if voters become even more concerned about Biden’s health or his ability to perform his duties with Kamala Harris in the wings. What a liability!

    Democrats are nostalgic for the charisma they perceived emanating from Obama and his family, while no one has ever associated charisma with Joe Biden. The media would love for Michelle to run for something. Barack Obama is still the most popular and capable figure in today’s Democratic Party. As Fox News pointed out last October, just before the midterms, when Democrats were urging Obama to get out and campaign, “The former president, who left office in January 2017, remains extremely popular with Democrats and moderately popular with independent voters.”

    If Michelle were on the Democratic ticket, Barack would be a close adviser, not just to Michelle but to the administration and the Democratic Party. What else do they have?

    Finally, if Michelle refused to head the Democratic ticket, deferring to Biden’s bid for reelection, she is the one person who might be able to nudge Harris aside. Democrats are fed up with Kamala. They see her as a joke with her “word salads” – those familiar unconnected words and thoughts and frequent cackles that season her speeches.

    The vice presidential nominee is supposed to help the presidential candidate. She has got to go, but I hope she doesn’t. Remember, if we don’t win in 2024, we lose the country – probably forever!

    Michelle would help the ticket in either spot, honestly. But I hope she doesn’t go for it – for the same reason.


    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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