The Perilous Paintings of Lily Day by Tim Pompey (Author)



Review by David Stewart

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Lily Day has the rest of her life planned out. Happily retired in her tiny Ventura bungalow, she now devotes her full attention to painting. Then she discovers something surprising. Her canvases are not just pictures: they are a door into another universe—the mysterious world of Arbus. Waking up in a dark forest, Lily meets the tall, mysterious creature she calls Krishna and his ever present guardians, the gribs. As she is drawn deeper into this strange and frightening world, she soon realizes that she is not there by accident. She has been summoned. Lily’s journey is both dangerous and mystifying. Darwin. A magical tree. The angelinas. And always the presence of Krishna. But once drawn into his mountain lair, Lily finally understands his true intent and must match wits with him, not only to save lives, but to seal the portal to Arbus — forever.

 Review by David M Stewart

I downloaded the book from Amazon and loaded it on to my iPad and settled back to enjoy this fantasy.  Lily Day is a very interesting and real character that many in her generation will recognize from their younger days.  She is a product of the 60′s and a free spirited painter living in a small house in Ventura, CA.   Her daughter and her daughter’s husband live near her in Ventura.   Her neighbor Tom has become her closest friend and they have a late life romantic relationship while keeping separate homes adjacent to each other. The story starts out very much in a setting that many of us here in Ventura easily recognize but evolves quickly into a fantastic adventure reminiscent of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.  Instead of a Rabbit Hole, Lily finds her way into a magical land through her dreams and paintings.  Her canvases are not just pictures: they are a door into another universe—the mysterious world of Arbus.  She finds it frightening yet very compelling.  The rest of the story is her journeys back and forth to Arbus as she feels that she is destined to follow these adventures and become a mystical warrior in a battle to save the earth and her loved ones.

I enjoyed the book but I have to admit that reading it on an iPad was very tiring, I am just an old fogy, older even than Lili Day.  I like the vivid descriptions of all the settings in the novel and they came alive for me.  I enjoyed getting to know Lili and Tom.  The villains were dangerous and the suspense was maintained up to the last several pages.  I won’t ruin it for you by telling but you can expect a great adventure in reading this novel.  I recommend it to all ages of adults (contains adult but not explicit scenes).

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David M Stewart: He is the webmaster for Citizens Journal and a retired software engineer.  David loves reading fiction almost more than anything–other than his family.  He feels he has had the extreme good fortune to be working with extremely talented people here at–that feeling is mutual.

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Stefan Djordjevic

Thank you for your review and to the author for the book. It’s nice to have a work in the fantasy genre, set in our local area.