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Michael Greer

Michael Greer

medications times; font-size: 12pt;”>By Michael Greer

order times; font-size: 12pt;”>The man who occupies the White House is only pretending to be president. He clearly loves the title and the power, but he doesn’t want to actually do the job. Between golf games, he likes to give speeches, bask in the attention of various sycophants at fundraisers, and hobnob with vapid celebrities, but doing actual work? Not so much. I imagine he thought he could just appoint people who shared his ideology and let them run things, but it appears many of them share his aversion to doing the job, as well.

Apparently, this president learns of scandals and national security threats from the newspapers, just like the rest of us. I’ve always been of the belief that we had CIA and FBI charged with keeping tabs on what was going on in suspect countries. I want a President who is more informed than I am, don’t you? Why is it that this president doesn’t seem to know what is going on either around the world, or in his own administration? He minimizes every threat, while saying he’ll “get to the bottom of it.” Fort Hood was “workplace violence,” Benghazi was “a spontaneous protest that got out of control,” Fast and Furious was “a mistake by a low-level employee.” ISIS was the “JV team”. He didn’t think there was any point in arming the Syrian rebels, because they were all “doctors and lawyers”.

It’s no secret that he never meets with his Cabinet, has never met most members of Congress, and seldom -if ever–gets security briefings in person. He wants his briefings on his iPad, and who knows if he even bothers to read them. Every other president has gotten his briefings from an intelligence officer. One would expect a president to have some questions when he is advised of a threat or concern. Wouldn’t he want to know what should be, or was being done about it? Please explain to me how ISIS amassed and trained an army of more than 30,000 without anyone noticing? Recently, on a 60 Minutes interview, when the president was asked why he hadn’t taken the threat of ISIS seriously. He blamed his intelligence agencies. He said they “underestimated” them. But we know the intelligence agencies were warning the President for more than a year. Apparently, this president believes evil will go away all by itself, if he just ignores it. After all, didn’t he tell us he, himself, killed bin Laden and saved GM?

White-House-Says-Cybersecurity-Laws-Shouldn-t-Break-PrivacyThe head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, gave an embarrassing testimony in front of Congress about how an armed intruder was able to jump the fence and get deep into the White House, as well as how a felon with a gun was able to share an elevator with the president, or how the Secret Service didn’t find broken glass from shots fired at the White House four days earlier. Apparently, “optics” were more of a concern than safety. They wouldn’t want the public to see someone attacked by dogs or shot down on the White House lawn. She was clearly not qualified for the job. It’s no wonder there has been a moral problem in the agency. Thankfully, she resigned, but not until there was outrage from both sides of the aisle.

This president has said many times how important “social justice” is to him. He doesn’t appoint the best people for the job, he appoints “politically correct” people. We have an affirmative action administration. There have been dozens of screw-ups, but until Ms. Pierson resigned, no one else has lost their job. It is clear that this president’s priority is to transform the country into what he considers a “fair” country, where competence isn’t as important as “fairness”. I would have to ask, how is it fair to replace people who are actually qualified to do a job with people who aren’t? I guess qualified people have been in charge for too long, and need to step aside for the unqualified to have a turn. Most of us learned early in life that we may not be able to qualify for a job we want. We might have wanted to play professional basketball, but lacked the required height. When it comes to national security, I want the best, not the “politically correct”.

Benghazi.protestEvery president takes an oath of office to protect and defend America, it is a president’s first and foremost obligation. But this president is only pretending to. There are well-meaning people who believe that if America didn’t go to war, there would be no wars. Leftist friends of mine have told me they believe in the “innate goodness of man.” That’s very sweet, but how do they explain murder, rape, theft, and cruelty? There is evil in the world, and you don’t combat it by pretending it doesn’t exist. This President ran for office telling us he’d end wars, and bring peace to the world. Now people are seeing what happens when the enemies of civilization see America as weak. Knowing America will not step in, our enemies are emboldened. This President’s military advisors counseled him not to withdraw all our troops from Iraq, but he ignored them. He didn’t ignore them because he has more military expertise than they do.  He ignored them to advance his political agenda. He then pretends that Maliki wouldn’t agree with a status of forces agreement. Because we abandoned Iraq, we have lost all the land we liberated, but no matter what his military advisors say, he refuses to consider sending troops back in.

Securing our borders and screening people coming across them is as important to national security as waging wars. Because our border is not secure, we seeing diseases we’ve never seen in this country. We have our first case of Ebola. There is also an infection going through some schools that is related to polio and causes paralysis in some children. It is not a coincidence this infection has broken out at the start of the school year, when our schools have been flooded by illegal alien children. Our borders are wide open, and we aren’t screening anyone. This president relaxed health screenings and quarantine rules four years ago, during the “bird flu” threat, when they should have been tightened. Once again, he didn’t let a crisis go to waste. If you recall, the CDC told us “Bird flu” would create a pandemic, and then “swine flu”, and then H1N1. None of them did. Now they are telling us not to worry about Ebola. After all, is it “fair” that we don’t have those diseases? This president shut down travel to Israel for a week this year, but he won’t consider shutting down travel to and from West Africa where there is an Ebola outbreak. Why?

This president is only pretending to protect and defend this country. He’s only pretending to be a friend of Israel/  He’s only pretending to investigate the IRS, Benghazi, and the rest.  He’s only pretending to be outraged by beheadings.  He’s only pretending to care about healthcare. He’s only pretending to care about Ebola. He has said America has been arrogant. He has said we didn’t create any of this. He has said we stole our wealth from other countries. He has told us how important “social justice” is to him. After all, it isn’t fair to keep people from coming to America.  It isn’t fair for Americans to have such a high standard of living.  It isn’t fair America was the world’s super power. It isn’t fair we don’t have Ebola. He only pretends to be President. His interest is in transforming America. Other than that, he’d rather be golfing… Or hanging with Beyonce and Jay-z.


Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:


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Phil Erwin

Someone did the math: Obama has spent 200+ more hours playing golf than taking security briefings. What does that tell us about how he ranks the importance of our national security? Pretender, indeed.