Book Review: The Probability Broach – by L. Neil Smith

TheProbabilityBroachCoverThe Probability Broach – by L. Neil Smith


“The quintessential libertarian SF novel, winner of the first Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Novel of the Year.

About the Author

L. Neil Smith is the two time winner of the Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Fiction for his novels Pallas (1993) and The Probability Broach (1980). As founder and National Coordinator of the Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus, publisher of the on-line magazine The Libertarian Enterprise, and a Life member of the National Rifle Association, Smith is renowned for his prominence in the Libertarian movement, of which he has been a part of for more than thirty-five years. Author of more than twenty books, Smith has been hailed for his ability to combine adventure, humor, and rivetingly original political concepts to create more compellingly than any other writer, novels that embody Libertarian concepts. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife and daughter.”
If Ayn Rand and Robert Heinlein were to have a love child then it would have been L. Neil Smith.
The quintessential Libertarian philosophy is brought to life in this novel with the juxtaposition, literally, of two worlds on opposite political paths.  One world is the decayed society as only progressive philosophy can create.  Not quite Soylent Green, but headed that way.  The other world was the same world that had diverged on a different path of probability, an event in history with a different outcome.
The novel exceeds the genre of science fiction and stands as a statement of philosophy that should be required reading in every beginning political science class and every beginning economics class taught in High School.
Win Bear is a detective in both worlds and in traveling from one to the other meets his diverged self.  They have a nail biting adventure in their quest to solve a cross probability dimension criminal plot.
Sounds like a mouthful but Smith has delivered a “can’t put it down” read with political philosophy the icing on the cookies.
I could go on and on but you really should spend your time reading the book.  Once you start you will never look back.


David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.

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