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    Goodbye Constitution Freedom America by Don Jans

    The Problem As I See It.


    by Mark Savalla

    America is facing its greatest threat to our way of life and the destruction of the Constitution. The illegal election has placed an incompetent Communist in charge of the country and the imbedded deep state are doing everything it can to change our country before this problem is corrected.

    It should be obvious to everyone that numerous states are working to prove the illegal vote count, decertify the electoral votes, and recall the electoral votes that placed Biden in power.   The goal should be that every state completes a forensic audit to correct the crime.

    The illegal regime in less than a year has promoted an open border which has allowed thousands of terrorists, tons of drugs, millions of illegals to enter the country with no solution in place.  It is not just incompetence but an organized effort to seed the country with entitled people that will be supported by a communist government. That means your tax dollars. No State or community is safe from this onslaught.  If you are living somewhere where these illegals have not been imported, you are not safe.  It should not be a shock to wake up tomorrow and watch busloads of illegals being dumped in your city and neighborhood. 

    Topics you should be following which will affect your life are the attempt to raise the debt ceiling, the continued resolution, the new green deal, and global economics. If these policies are not stopped, we and your children and grandchildren will be subjected to a Cuban, Venezuelan type of country in a brief time.

    The Judicial branch of the government is in lockstep with the Biden administration. They have locked up “political prisoners” for demonstrating yet refuse to jail rioters who burn, kill and loot cities with no penalties.  This has seeped into certain cities such as LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC and others where homeless encampments, looting and shoplifting are ok. Soros has implanted DA’s and elected government positions with communist leftists.

    Because some people are waking up and showing their disgust with school boards and city councils, the judicial system is denouncing them as a national threat and calling them terrorists. 

    If this is not enough, because of the traitorous actions of Biden in Afghanistan, causing U.S military casualties, leaving billions of dollars of equipment and more importantly citizens to the Taliban and jeopardizing the military of countries that were supporting us, the Chinese are now openly threatening Taiwan.

    Please wake up.  Do research, watch REAL AMERICAS VOICE, THE WAR ROOM and get off Face Book. Get off TWITTER and try GTTR.  You need information from something other than FAKE NEWS.

    The least basic action you can take is to write, call, text every elected official in your city, county, state, and federal representatives and let them know that you are not going to accept this type of traitorous activity.  You are not going to vote for anyone who is trying to destroy the United States of America.


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