The Republic Needs a Miracle—Or It Will Be No More



By Sigrid Weidenweber

It took me a long time to finally conclude that to truly understand humanity, those belonging had to be classified in terms of psychological proclivity. Perhaps, arriving so late at this understanding was my reluctance to categorize humans as if they were groups of different species. However, having studied human problematic for a lifetime, evaluating human’s wants, wishes and hopes concerning the political spectrum, I must conclude that the world has always been ruled by ruthless, power-hungry elitists possessed of a psyche that is amoral and unfeeling of other’s needs. They do not think of the general public as people created equal to them. No, they think of the citizenry as a dull mob that must lead. They do not accord The Mob the ability to think well for themselves, and have wants and desires. Most often, when in power, they are uncaring to provide the basic needs of existence concerning their governed subjects. These ruling classes or individuals are incapable of speaking truth, but they are very adept of spewing out blatant prevarications in order to confuse a certain sector of the electorate. Throughout history these sociopathic members of humanity have existed in the form of Pharaohs, Kings, Tsars and an assortment of dictators, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tze Dong, Pol Pot, and other potentates. They ruled a singular country or region and were, sooner or later, subject to change and removal.

That brings me to the politics of today. What I am observing is a new phenomenon. The new politics and cycles are so frightening that they are robbing people who understand the new political machinations of their sleep. We, and by that I mean not only America, but the peoples of of the entire world, are now facing the combined elites of the world working together for power seats in a United New World Oligarchy.

For me and so many millions of immigrants, America had been the shining exception of a political entity. It was not ruled by dictators or potentates. America’s president, with enormous power, could be dismissed by a vote of the people after one term, or, at most, two terms. I am not suggesting that the Republic was free of corruption, political manipulations and every shady game possible. No, I am fully cognizant of the fact that everything touched and devised by man is flawed. However, this Republic with all of its flaws and failings, worked well enough through checks and balances. It worked, because of its freedom and opportunity to invent, work, and achieve. Also, it was by enforcing the laws, that in a scant hundred years this Republic had achieved the highest living standard for the greatest amount of people. That standard of living arose within a civilization and industrialization that no other country had ever achieved. (And please do not use the trite argument that America robbed the world of its resources. Let’s not forget that every other industrialized nation did the same, often to much greater extent. That is history.) This great nation was often the peace keeper in the world. Nations clamored for America’s help to keep Communism in check or their neighbors from invading. And uncounted millions sought to become a part of the miracle country. The Republic’s dollar was the standard against which many nations measured the worth of their own currency. Until recently, one would have thought the Republic could withstand anything. Yet, if undermined from within, the strongest house will fall.It began a long time with lax enforcement of the laws. No proper vetting of emigrants. People who had confessed their hate and disdain for America publicly and in writing—were allowed in. The language became second to English in some areas. Diversity was encouraged and disdain for America’s culture was encouraged, to the point that we now have arrived at a counter culture movement that is destroying America’s heritage. No one in government checks this movement. Free speech is censored, sexes are changed at will, girls must compete against biologic males, wishing to be female. President Biden has ended sovereignty of this country by opening the borders to all comers. We have no balanced budget but are indebted to the tune of $28,028,549, 800, 628 for the National Debt.   Hapless taxpayers are writing checks to criminals in prisons—yes, some of them are Islamic terrorists, murderers, illegals and everyone on the Democrat “Gift list.” American debt makes every citizen responsible for the load of $483,469.00 per citizen. However, the assets per citizen amount only to $479,607.00. I wish you would check U.S. debt The numbers on the clock grow by the second so fast, it is impossible to get a solid count—the debt grows every second, adding the interest owed.

Despite the outrages committed by the left against the citizens of America, and I must mention here that this was done with the complicity of the Republican Party, which did little to stem the socialistic flood of laws, rules, and measures, I believe the Republic could still be saved, were it not for the new super-rich elite that is working hard to make America a low-grade socialist entity. Why would these persons, who benefitted greatly, enormously even, from this free enterprise capitalist country, seek its downfall? Why do these unofficial media suppress free speech by labeling speech with invectives that one cannot opine against? Why do they cancel people’s twitter, google and face-book accounts? Well, they are the new American Oligarchs—partners and friends with China, Russia, Iran, the EU and every country buying and leasing their products. They do this by destroying their small competitors and the middle class. It is well illuminated by an article by Gary Stearman published November 2020.

Oligarchs are in constant competition for world domination, and the old political ties of the twentieth century are being steadily altered to fit a “New World Order.” That’s an old term, but now, it is buttressed by high-level digital technology that was only a dream a decade ago.

I extracted from this article the following:

Our billionaires and trillionaires, (yes we have those now,) influence with their money countless political decisions in the world. Shaping trade and the political landscape of countries through bribes, deals and political lobby systems. They wield their power through bought proxies and purchased government officials who want to stay in power.

At this juncture, Stearman provided the net gain figures for seven companies, which increased their net worth in just the year 2020 by $2.433 trillion. The companies are Tesla, Amazon Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

Tesla, for example, gained three hundred thirty-nine percent in one year to raise its net worth from $274 billion to $355 billion. Amazon, next in gain, jumped from $714 billion to $1.66 trillion for a 76 percent gain. Apple gained 58 percent, Netflix 409 percent, Microsoft 33 percent, Facebook 28 percent and Goggle 16 percent. Remember, they achieved this feat despite the Corona Virus pandemic, being helped by a shift to digital services, while they competition was confined to their homes, their businesses closed.

These new men of power are dismantling the Republic for financial gain and power—world power. In that they work hand in glove with many of our elected politicians on both sides, who are also invested in China and other countries. At the moment they are all doing their best to make China the greatest power on earth. So, what do those in the know fear is happening? They fear, that once in power the world will never be able to rid itself of this new Oligarchy.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

 Sigrid Weidenweber grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.  She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.  Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer. You can find her books on

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Michael A....

What Chicom leadership fears above all else is chaos. Always keep that in mind. When you were a kid, did you ever play ‘Chinese fire drill’? There is a reason for that.


Not a welcome prospect, but Sigrid sees clearly – as usual.