The Right to Life and the Freedom of Speech

Statement of Brian Johnston, Chairman of the California ProLife Council

We are very proud of Brandon Gillespie, the Rocklin High School Junior organizing a ProLife Student walkout today. (Held on April 11, 2018) But sadly, the success of such media-oriented ‘statements’ is entirely dependent on a supportive media. California’s media, like California’s lawmakers, have not been intellectually honest. In most cases they have been aggressively biased in covering these issues.

We mourn the loss of life in Florida’s recent shootings. But the reason we mourn is because those students were innocent human beings. Thankfully, that wanton destruction of life was and is against the law, and the application of the law towards the known, ongoing threats of the perpetrator, and the blatant actions of that shooter, were not addressed by authorities.

The great imbalance in Rocklin is not merely that the actions of Brandon and others will be minimized and dismissed; the Education Unions and media figures hold such beliefs in derision, while applauding and promoting the Floridian walkout. The true injustice in California is the dismissive treatment of his creative and inspiring teacher JULIANNE BENZEL, for even suggesting a rhetorical question: that students might think more deeply than the government schools and media culture instructs them to think. She was suspended for speaking such things.

Both walkouts should at their heart, proclaim the injustice of taking innocent human lives and the enforcement of laws that at one time protected and respected those lives. Brandon is exactly right. And Julianne, as a creative and inspiring teacher, is also right in expressing such thoughts. She should not be punished by the politically-correct ‘thought police’.

The routine, institutional silencing of those citizens who ‘do not comply’ with the wholesale taking of life is an ominous pattern. The hubris of California elected officials, in this case, a California school board in forcing political ideology on to students and teachers, requires caring citizens to examine these officials and actively call for their replacement.

On a related issue, the California legislature voted two years ago to silence all prolife crisis pregnancy centers in AB 775. Under penalty of law, it required centers to promote abortion before any other counseling could take place. This law, government-forced speech promoting the government-paid taking of life, was heard by the US Supreme Court two weeks ago. Elected representatives at every level who force such speech should be carefully examined in this election year.

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