The Russian Connection


By Phil Erwin

Seems like we’ve stepped into a time warp, and we’re right back in the ‘Eighties. It’s been that long since we last heard the phrase, “the Russians” batted about so incessantly on the nightly news. (Back in that by-gone era, the news was “nightly.” Now it’s incessant.)

The Democrat Party and their many Media minions unrelentingly demand “investigations” into the Trump camp’s “ties with Russia” (a phrase that both suggests and legitimizes their belief that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin “colluded to steal the election from our beloved Hillary!”)

One might reasonably ask of these blathering fools: Just what do you expect to uncover by “investigating”? If there were (for example) illicit remarks passed between AG Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador, how do you propose to get at the “truth”? Sessions has indicated those two meetings were unrelated to any campaign activities. You want to put bamboo under his fingernails to get him to ‘fess up? And how would you follow up with the Ambassador? You can’t even arrest him, he’s got diplomatic immunity. You gonna smuggle him off to Git’mo for a little waterboarding? The idea of a “thorough investigation” somehow uncovering something important about those “meetings” is just silly. One meeting had two staffers in attendance. I’m sure their notes are available to the Senate. The other “meeting” was a very public meet-and-greet with scores of people. What’s to be uncovered there?

Now the President’s resurrected his Twitter account long enough to Tweet out that he and his campaign had been “wire-tapped” by the previous occupant of the White House in order to dig up (we might surmise) some tidbits useful for stirring up a s**t-storm about Trump and Russia “colluding.”

You can be damn sure the Media aren’t going to let that storm pass unnoticed.

What this ridiculous brouhaha about “collusion” illustrates starkly is the unfortunate fact that the “News” has become the “Gossip”; that “reporting” has become “speculating.” Nobody outside of the Trump camp (and whoever may have bugged Trump Tower) has a clue what interactions between Russian “agents” and members of the Trump campaign may have taken place, or what might have been discussed – any more than those reporting on Trump’s recent Tweets have a clue whether he was alluding to specific knowledge, or just making stuff up. (“He didn’t provide any evidence!” was the standard criticism. Of course not, you dolts! What’s he gonna do in 140 characters – publish Chapter and Verse? Twitter is a medium of emotion, not of information. Real “reporters” should know that.)

Nobody knows what’s true about this postulated “collusion” – not even whether there was any meaningful contact. And yet, as Laura Ingraham pointed out on Chris Wallace’s FOX News Sunday, “The media coverage of [possible collusion] has been wildlyoverblown… A typical Washington feeding frenzy based on little-to-no evidence…

So, what do we actually know about all this, for certain?

  1. We know from Wikileaks that Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was interested in using Russian connections between Trump and surrogates as leverage to discredit him/them. (But legitimate connections existed because several of Trump’s associates, as well as former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, had had business activities in Russia during previous years, in their previous careers.)

  2. Hillary’s campaign surrogates were making noise about a Trump “Russian connection” even before the Summer Conventions. And they increased the noise as the election drew near.

  3. The Obama Administration twice sought FISA Court warrants to “wire-tap” the Trump campaign; first in June, and again in October.

  4. Once Trump had won the election, the “Russian connection” narrative became a key way for Democrats to try to de-legitimize his electoral victory.

  5. In his confirmation hearings as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was asked a meandering, very ambiguous question by so-called “Senator” Al Franken. Sessions answered the question as he interpreted it, focusing on whether the Trump camp had had interactions with Russian “agents” relating to the election. No doubt Democrats already knew that Sessions had met twice with the Russian Ambassador in his capacity as Senator.

  6. Democrats instantaneously pounced on Sessions, screaming, “He lied!” when in fact they knew that he had simply been caught in their clever bear-trap. That fed their collective demands to “Investigate!” the (fictional) collusion between Trump and the Russians to “overthrow” Hillary’s campaign.

The “Russian Connection” has been on the tip of Democrats’ tongues for most of a year. Yet, none of them were bothered in the slightest by Hillary’s infamous “Russian Re-set button.” None asked what their beloved Barack meant when he signaled to “Vladimir” over a hot mike that he would have “… more flexibility after my [re-]election.”

And if Democrats were so deathly worried about the Russians, why didn’t they object when Hillary’s State Department approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium ore resources to a Russian concern (garnering the Clintons and their Foundation millions of dollars in speaking fees and donations!)

Why, indeed.

So Democrats only care about Russia when doing so gives them political leverage over Republicans. And it’s pretty obvious they believe this ephemeral Trump “Russian Connection” is a sharp arrow in their political quiver. They’ve already taken out General Flynn with it, and have pretty much back-watered AG Sessions as regards any election “investigations.” Now we’ve got Trump tweeting stuff that seems a bit like he’s testing that same bear-trap with his toe.

I dunno if I can stomach a full four years of this The-Russians-Are-Coming hogwash.

But that might be just what we get.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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William Hicks
William Hicks
4 years ago

Great overview of ALL russian connections, both left and right.