The Source of Jacqui Irwin’s Funding

Jacqui Irwin

Jacqui Irwin

By Thomas Adams

As a resident of Thousand Oaks, I have deep concerns regarding Jacqui Irwin running for State Assembly. Jacqui herself is actually a very nice person, but her misled “Obama-nomic” policies are simply more of the same of what has put California in a tailspin. She voted for Obama twice, subsequently supporting all of the failed policies of the Obama administration. She has been quoted as saying the Democrats need to “Keep a lock” on California. What has this “Lock” done? It’s given us an abysmal business environment, highest overall taxes and failing schools with COMMON CORE making them even worse–and now suffering Co-Ed restrooms to boot.

Jerry Brown has signed over 800 new laws. We have a $16 Billion budget deficit. Two-thirds of our $110 Billion budget goes towards employee compensation and benefits. California now has over 500 State-based agencies.    There are dozens of state entities that deal with energy, yet we have a declining ability to produce power. Nearly a dozen CA water entities, yet we have managed water so poorly that we have turned a once abundant surplus into a crisis. Dozens of entities dedicated to various styles of commerce, yet businesses are leaving the state at an alarming rate… all because we have mirrored the policies of Barrack Obama and Jacqui Irwin offers us the status quo; “Forward” with more government bureaucracy. After all, that’s who is funding her; Democratic special interests.

Jacqui Irwin is in the lead regarding campaign funds with most of it coming from PACs and lobbyists, which puts her in lock-step with Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Irwin is simply a mouthpiece for Obamacare, COMMON CORE and absurd governmental policies.    


Thomas Adams is a wine and spirits wholesaler born in Bay Village Ohio and California resident since 1969; Ventura county since ’76,  and has resided in Thousand Oaks since 1998

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One Response to The Source of Jacqui Irwin’s Funding

  1. Citizen Reporter April 2, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    We have attempted multiple times to interview Ms. Irwin and get her story, but have been ignored. We ran into her at a Democratic club meeting where she indicated a willingness to do so when asked but has not since responded.


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