The Syria Trap

By Mike Smith

Syria presents a mutual opportunity for both freedom lovers and those who work to destroy the freedoms we have. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad can continue provoking the United States; the Trump Administration can continue replying in kind. But the Left in America patiently waits for its big break, and can still demonize President Trump as George W. Bush’s second coming if he’s not careful. Strong, leftist anti-war narratives are as battle ready as our Navy’s cruise missiles. Despite the new reversal of power in Washington, D.C., Republicans still have precious little political capital to spend—President Trump can blow it all on a declared war with Syria. Voters still have recession fatigue and are war weary; most still value a better economy over stronger national security. In this area, the election changed nothing.

Bashar Al Assad’s first mistake was to provoke President Trump, thinking he would be another Obama. A Syrian Air Force base now lies in ruins because of Assad’s bluff. But there’s also a dual benefit to the cruise missile strike that is good for freedom lovers right here in America. First, in striking Syria for Assad’s gassing of his own people, President Trump is reaffirming that he’s neither reckless nor a dictator. No true dictator would care about a crime against humanity; no reckless leader would order such an effective, pinpoint cruise missile strike. Second, the attack has disarmed the Left’s ‘Trump-Putin-Russia’ conspiracy theory hysteria—it is now an empty shell of its former self just like the hollowed-out fighter jets and fuel tanks of the destroyed Syrian base. If Putin and President Trump are, in fact, buddies, why is Putin protesting the U.S. attack? Also, Trump could have merely insulted Assad with an “Obama style” drone strike or two. Instead, he had a Syrian Air Force base destroyed in short order. This is how global threats are reduced; this is how America wins back the faith and confidence of our friendly allies. President Trump has put America back in the business of checking hostile government powers.

Still, if President Trump declares war on Syria and invades the country (or what’s left of it), the enemies of freedom can easily turn the tables and betray America from within. This includes the Democrat Party. As George W. Bush proved with Iraq, when Republicans declare a war that takes away from fighting a much greater threat (Iran, anyone?), Democrats can turn the public against them. Had Bush liberated Iran, the idea of a nuclear-armed Iran would likely be laughable today.

The Republican Party must demand that the Democrats in Congress make a public, moral statement denouncing Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Government. Otherwise, if Trump does declare war/invade Syria, the Democrats will most surely blast him as  “another Bush” and unleash the same warmonger hysteria and anti-war protests that helped usher Obama into power. But today the stakes are higher. Unlike Bush, President Trump is at constant risk of becoming a one-term president. Also, Bush was not so hated as Trump is. In fact, the Bush haters only got nasty after the Iraq War was declared. So unless Assad gives President Trump no choice but to invade Syria, he should order only cruise missile and air strikes, and sparingly.

Mike Smith is a writer, Millenial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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Citizen Reporter

Good analysis Mike- similar to Krauthammer’s.