The Tipping Point

By Dotty Pringle

Fisherman’s Wharf, Channel Islands Harbor, in its current un-renovated state. Photo: George Miller/

After studying the online submissions, I believe the majority of comments we have heard about our CI Harbor will absolutely support the point that is made about the community’s feelings on another luxury apartment project (by redeveloping what is now Fishermans Wharf) on a very busy corner.
We already have enough that will last us for the next 65 years. With this added population and no water, we must keep the best use of the Channel Islands Harbor/Marinas and not rename them as stated on county maps. The Channel Islands Harbor/Marinas (public access areas, not truly owned by Ventura County, but “held in trust”) are without a doubt, a destination area for new families moving in. The Harbor provides an area full of affordable activities to residents so they can enjoy their town while living comfortably, which is a great incentive to stay here for many years. There is a future for new voters, taxpayers and entrepreneurs right here in Oxnard! This area IS WORLD RENOWN.
You see, as a community we are already intelligently planning our lifestyles in CI Harbor and residential beach areas; this is why we live here. An Urban 4 Story, 390 Unit Enclosed “Lifestyle Complex” (LA Style) is just way too large for the Fisherman’s Wharf area. This complex would be placed at an already dangerous intersection and an unreasonable location that has one way in and one way out of Silver Strand/Hollywood By the Sea. It could possibly put thousands of lives at risk in a natural disaster, would make it harder for emergency crews, and also block our local majestic mountain views over the Harbor.
The county’s project does not fit the heartbeat of our county and feels wrong for this area, as stated by over *6,250 + residents/visitors (and still counting). This is the beach……sloowww, not rushed. Remember tourism dollars years ago? It kept our local taxes down and we sure need that again. It’s only logical to keep it zoned the way it is, not for residential.
After 20 plus years of perpetual amended paperwork submitted by the County, let’s do something successful, welcomed instead. The voters/public have told the County what we want. The question is: Does the Board of Supervisors really want to see this CI Harbor successful? Do they know how to work FOR the people? The BoS asked for feedback, here it is firmly in black and white, with many ideas and signatures from the stakeholder taxpayers.
The great importance of this harbor actually reaches far beyond our area, we receive federal funds for dredging, we have a public pier, Cal State CI University and Oxnard College in our harbor, and boaters fuel taxes also support this harbor. It is the fifth largest harbor on the West Coast and visited by many sailing here to enjoy the Channel Islands.
(County Records: BoS Public Comments at June 14, 2016 Public County Meeting)
From Our Heart and Soul
Dotty Pringle and Family


Dotty Pringle
CI Harbor Research Lady
The site also provides some useful information, as does

Dotty and thousands of others don’t want this proposed design:


Fisherman’s Wharf- Public Land For Public Use!

Fisherman’s Wharf- Public Land For Public Use!

By Dottie Pringle -Ventura County wants to Profit from The People! We are absolutely not against development! Please understand it is very important that these  developers or any others that would be involved in a lawsuit. It matters because it is the reason they have a lawsuit against them that we are concerned with. We are frightened […]

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2 Responses to The Tipping Point

  1. Citizen Reporter August 14, 2017 at 9:51 am

    The public needs to decide:

    1. Is the lower harbor for PUBLIC use or for the county to densely develop and profit from?

    2. Do we want beautiful Channel Islands Harbor to become another Marian del Rey?

    3. Should Fisherman’s Wharf be redeveloped as a public recreation area?

    Once you decided, let VC Supervisors, Oxnard City Council and Coastal Commission know your decision!

  2. Dotty Pringle August 12, 2017 at 9:29 am

    City Council and Supervisors of the County….it is not your job to discount the voters because you think they are wrong. It is YOUR JOB to persuade the voters to do was is right, those are true leaders! In this case they failed in this examples.
    To do this to any employer us a sure way of getting FIRED!

    Examples: The CI Harbor land grab and the Water Rate Hike in Oxnard.


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