The War on the Religious Right



By Michael Greer

Our dear friend, Trevor Louden, is a true American hero. He is a tireless and thorough researcher. He discovered a document from the “Secular Democrats” to Joe Biden. In a nutshell it requires the end of Religious Liberty. It says the Democrat Party must “take back the mantle of religious freedom” that they say is “anti-democratic and anti-science”. (I’d like them to provide the “science” that proves there are 100’s of genders or that they can be changed at will or that men can menstruate).  

This document says the Religious Right “provides constant cover for White Supremacy”. I’d like them to explain how. The Bible teaches that God created ALL of us and loves us all. It says he knew us in the womb. I’ve seen nothing in the Bible that indicates God favors one skin color over another. The only ministers I’ve heard preach about a favored skin color are the Black Liberation Theologians like Jeremiah Wright or Raphael Warnock or Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. I would challenge the Secular Democrats to name a White religious leader who preaches White supremacy. I’ve not heard one. 

They say the Religious Right provides a “dominionist view of the environment that undermines our capacity and will to address the climate crisis”. It says it is a “political agenda sanctioned by a higher power that does not align with our basic constitutional values and democratic principals”. Really? How? Our Constitution was based on religious principles.  

They ask Biden to “dismantle its (religious right) grip on our government and counter its inaccurate and revisionist messaging around our nation’s founding’. I have to ask the party of taking down statues and teaching our founders were racists, that our Constitution wasn’t written for Black people (“ALL men are created equal”??), that Democrats ended slavery, who the revisionists are?  There is a school named after Lincoln that is changing its name because they say Lincoln didn’t think Black lives mattered.  Lincoln? Seriously?  

They want Biden to “educate the American public by reasonably defining what religious freedom means”. They say there is no greater example of how destructive the Religious Right is than Trump’s “mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic”. This from the people who fought against Trump shutting down travel, who encouraged people to visit Chinatown, take the subway and not wear masks. These are the people who said a vaccine under Trump’s leadership would not be safe but now want to take credit for it.  

They suggest ending government funding to religious groups if it is to fund religious purposes. It suggests ending all religious exemptions. “Reverse all executive orders, rules, memoranda, and other actions that exempt faith-based organizations…”. Do you wonder why churches have not been considered “essential” during this pandemic? Wonder why they are targeted so severely?  

They want to repeal all nonmedical exemptions to mandatory vaccinations for children. This takes away parental rights. They want to take over all faith based adoptions and have the government decide who can adopt.  

They want to “fully and robustly fund comprehensive, medically accurate sex education”. I find this exceptionally egregious. They aren’t teaching the biology of sex that we remember. They are teaching “how to”. They are teaching our grade school children how to masturbate. They are teaching “VAO” (vaginal, anal, oral) sex and that anal is preferable because it doesn’t cause pregnancy.  

They go on to suggest passing the “Scientific Integrity Act” and suppress any scientific findings or reports that contradict what they say is scientific consensus. May I remind them that scientific research is based on skepticism and that MANY things we believed were “settled science” turned out NOT to be?  

They want to rescind the “process for detecting attempted entry into the United States by terrorists or other public-safety threats”.  This was Trump’s ban from terrorist countries the Left calls the “Muslim ban”.  They ignore the fact that Obama did EXACTLY the same thing or that out of about 50 Muslim countries only 5 were banned so it was hardly a “Muslim ban”. Again, who are the revisionists?  

They want Biden to appoint an Attorney General to the Department of justice to support the Governors who have unconstitutionally locked down their states and taken their citizens Constitutionally guaranteed Rights away. Require government officials to “separate their personal religious beliefs from their work”. What exactly does that mean??? 

They say there is a rise in “White Christian Nationalism” and that it is a “national security threat”.  I don’t know any members of “White Christian Nationalism”, do you? I certainly don’t know any Christians that are a threat to national security. I DO know many non-Christians who are, however. Like, maybe, Eric Swalwell. The Secular Democrats suggest the “Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice dedicate resources to deradicalization programs aimed at hate groups (and who defines “hate groups”? The SPLC???), including, but not limited to, White nationalists (aka Trump supporters); increase monitoring of such groups, including the online environment, and take action to address increased hate crimes toward minority faith communities; and shift rhetoric to label violent White Nationalist extremists as terrorists”. What does this sound like to you?? 

Notice they don’t include BLM or ANTIFA as hate groups. Who is committing the violence? No one on the “religious right”! Who burned down our cities? No one the “religious right”! Who is being threatened and attacked?  People on the Right! Who is really spreading hate? The hate we see daily, the attacks, the riots, the harassment, the censoring, comes from the Left not the Right.  

They go on to suggest appointing a representative to address “Religious Freedom Abroad” to implement these practices in other countries. “Reframe Patriotism” by avoiding phrases like “God and Country” or any implication that service members are guided by faith. And in times of crisis leaders should be reminded prayer is not appreciated by non-Christians (in other words, don’t mention God or offer prayers of comfort). They say “In God We Trust” is a is a relic of McCarthyism. They say not to use the phrase “Judeo-Christian values”.  

Here is the complete document. I urge you to read it and to pass it to your family and friends. Please don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself and see if it concerns you.  ALWAYS do your own research. Anytime someone says not to question them, DO! As it is said “question boldly even the existence of God”.  

May God Help

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:




The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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Why does this “Column” not provide a link to the document in question so we can see with our own eyes what it actually says and what it doesn’t actually say.

Is Citizen’s Journal asking us to turn our brains off and simply believe Michael Greer’s spin on it?

Yes, I know it’s just a “Column” but how hard would it be to put a link in an online story???

Citizen Reporter

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Jesse.

As you can see, Ms Greer did write “Here is the complete document. I urge you to read it and to pass it to your family and friends.” She did send it to us with the article and through no fault of her own, the link was lost when the article was transferred to our posting. We have corrected that omission and you will see that she is not exaggerating.

It is astounding to me that his side would hold such positions and astounding that people would knowingly vote for candidates that do. Maybe voters just didn’t know. Please read it and let us know what your take is on it.

David Crow Cope

Sin does not care about skin color / all it cares about is your HATE of God. It is this HATE that kills you . What does this mean to you ” Romans 6- The Wages of SIN is DEATH. This kind of DEATH is called Capital Punishment because it is forever. The other Capital Punishment in the Bible is in Matthew 12: 31-32- JESUS SAID THIS / Blasphemy AGAIN’ST the Holy Spirit . This SIn will never be forgiven in this world or the world to come . This SIn came from the Pharisees it is the SIN of HATE. The secular world calls this Crimes AGAIN’ST Humanity / Genocide .
Behold the WORD of GOD is REAL and alive today. You can have Salvation now or life ending Earthly Gains.
David Crow Cope