The Wuhan Flu: A Mistake? Or Did They Do It To Us…

by Phil Erwin

We seem to be sliding into what we HOPE to be the waning stages of the global pandemic caused by the virus labeled “Covid-19” for scientific purposes, but which really is better identified by the locale in which it originated: Wuhan, China.

China objects strenuously to anyone calling it the “Wuhan virus.” They still insist it did not originate in China – even though there’s a cave near Wuhan where the bat that incubates this particular virus is found (the only place it’s found), and a researcher in a Wuhan biological lab has made a career of visiting that cave, collecting that bat and it’s guano. For – ahem – research.

Yet China insists that it didn’t come from Wuhan! The U.S. soldiers brought it here!


Even if we didn’t know about the bat and the cave, the virus showed up in Wuhan near the end of 2019, and nowhere else. The Wuhan virologists tried to warn the world that this pandemic was gonna be bad, but they got silenced, and then they got dead. Meanwhile, China sealed off Wuhan city, absolutely forbidding any travel from Wuhan to anywhere else in China.

But it you wanted to fly from Wuhan to anywhere outside of China?   No problem!  Hop aboard a passenger jet, and sayonara! (Or the Chinese equivalent.)

Many Chinese nationals flew back to Northern Italy, where they worked. They were just visiting Wuhan for the Chinese New Year celebration.. Other contingents went to Spain and France. A bunch went to Washington state.

And where did the Wuhan flu make its dastardly international debut? Yup: Italy. Spain. France. Washington.

And when the real, horrifying danger of this virus became clear, where do you think all the Americans in Italy, France, Spain fled back to?

Yup. Back to the Big Apple, baby. Howdy, Governor Cuomo! Oh, it’s just a little cough…

To borrow Nicholson’s rant in The Witches of Eastwick: “Whaddya think – A mistake? Or did they do it to us .. ON PURPOSE?”

China won’t tell the truth. They’re allergic to truth.

But even the Chinese press called it the “Wuhan virus” in January.

China seems to have given up protesting their innocence. Instead, they’re just ignoring their guilt.

But think about the context: Our economy was roaring along in the Fall of 2019 at the greatest clip ever. Our most-unlikely-ever President was coasting along, riding the crest of a wave of popularity among roughly half the population. (The other half was screaming for Impeachment!) Trump seemed destined for re-election. Which China absolutely didn’t want, ’cause he’s the only guy in U.S. politics with the backbone to counter their Communist Party’s plans for world domination. Not to mention what Trump’s tariffs and trade deal were doing to their economy. Of course they hoped he’d be jettisoned. But they know our politics better than most Americans (they have cadres of analysts studying our every word in print), so they knew he would overcome the impeachment sham. No There there. They knew it the very instant Trump released the Zelensky call transcript.

So what, in the waning weeks of 2019, could a bunch of desperate Chinese Communist leaders do to damage Trump’s re-election chances?

Well. They could release that Wuhan virus. And cover it up while it overran Wuhan. Let it hitch rides on all those unsuspecting folk leaving Chinese New Year celebrations to fly back to their jobs in Italy, France, Spain, Washington state, and other points global. Get the World Health Organization to say it’s no biggie, not to worry, no need for masks… Just take two Tylenol, and hop aboard those international jets…

And knowing what they knew about this virus – they worried enough to ban all internal travel to and from Wuhan for months – what would they be expecting? World-wide infections? Check, 188 countries on the board. Dire-to-lethal results? Check, nearly 8 million already infected world-wide, closing on half-a-million dead! Economic disruptions? Sure! Once those bodies start stacking up and the jets stop flying, everything grinds to a halt.

And the U.S. would be hit the hardest, ’cause they’re tied in to everywhere else in the world. You can almost hear the Chinese Communist Party planning session:

They won’t know what hit ’em! They’ll be dropping like flies before they ever think to stop air traffic! And with their decentralized, unwieldy government, they’ll never get the upper hand! They’ll lose half their population! Think Trump’s ever gonna recover from that?? “Not bloody likely,” as those silly Brits would say!

Now, I made that conversation up. I can’t say that such a planning session took place, or that such a strategy was hatched among China’s Communist poo-bahs. But it sure fits the picture. Whether the Chinese government released this virus on purpose, or simply recognized the potential for world-domination gains once it got out, their subsequent actions are starkly revealing:

  • They deliberately downplayed the virus’ danger, and got the World Health Organization to play along.
  • Meanwhile, they completely isolated Wuhan, where the virus ran rampant, killing tens of thousands (China watchers all presume the real figure is several times higher.)
  • But China made no move to minimize travel from Wuhan to anywhere else in the world. Of course they knew the virus would spread. Hard to avoid concluding that is precisely what they wanted..
  • And China vacuumed up the world’s inventory of PPEs – Personal Protective Equipment – even though China manufactured the stuff. They bought far more than they might need, leaving the world with a huge shortfall. Then they turned around and sold it back to a desperate world, at a huge mark-up. Chinese Robber-barons. Communist-capitalists. Low-lifes, either way.

Regardless of whether the release of the Wuhan virus was a deliberate, planned act by China, or was simply biomedical research gone rogue, the net result is clear: The loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in just 6 months; and long-lasting damage to the world’s economic health. With China stepping in as the “hero,” offering “assistance” to devastated nations.

In the U.S. we’ve lost of millions of jobs, our unemployment rate vaulted from historic lows to historic highs, our GDP plummeted from historic highs to recession levels, and our national debt has mushroomed in mere months. Our semi-tolerated “lock-down” has strained our patience, causing uncertainty and concern for the future. It’s changed how everyone thinks and feels about politics – smack in the middle of a Presidential election year.

Think this qualifies as “interfering with our election?”

About half the U.S. population thinks we’re damn lucky to have a savvy businessman as President to pull our national fat out of the pandemic fire. The other half apparently sees nothing but horns, hooves and a tail when they look at Trump (odd, since most of them are secularists), Hell-bent on killing the country. Apparently operating on that ridiculous premise, we have Democrat governors acting to prevent any sort of return to “normalcy” that might deliver Trump another term.

And now, insurrection in Seattle threatens to put the reincarnation of “Flower-Power hippies” in direct conflagration with some form of the military, as anarchist-led protests overwhelm the ability of Seattle’s police force to maintain some semblance of law and order right in the heart of a major U.S. city.

What more could China’s Xi (or for that matter, Putin, the Ayatollah or Kim-Jong Un) hope for? The United States brought to its economic and political knees by a virus and a bunch of Leftist-educated, inexperienced, frankly naive youths led by paramilitary-minded terrorists in masks.

To the world’s most powerful dictators, the U.S. must now look like the Titanic after hitting a pandemic iceberg, with the deck chairs sliding while the Democrats and the Fake News Media play “Fiddler on the Deck.”

I don’t think those dictators are troubled.

Which means we should be.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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