There’s Much to Consider in the Ventura County Supervisors Race

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Thomas Jefferson engraving after painting by Rembrandt Peale.

Thomas Jefferson engraving after painting by Rembrandt Peale.

An Educated Citizenry is a Vital Requisite For Our Survival as a Free People…..Thomas Jefferson

I am not going to try to convince you to vote the way I would vote. I will attempt to make you an Educated Citizen. There is much to consider when we go to vote for our Ventura County Supervisor’s. Besides personalities, there are other issues. At all levels of government from national to as close as your own home town, there will be these constants……laws, regulations and taxes.
There are some County Districts that are uncontested, but that isn’t so with Districts 1 and 3. But with these two Districts, laws, regulations and taxes can either stay the same or have room for some potential changes.
Please consider these issues:
1) We have SOAR that may be extended to 2050 and an alternative, SUSTAIN VC, that may be more amenable to the challenges of production agriculture. There are candidates for County Supervisor that are serious supporters of SOAR. Some are even part of The Board of Directors of SOAR. You might ask, has any of the candidates considered SUSTAIN VC as a reasonable adjustment to a potentially outdated SOAR? I don’t have the answer to that question.
2) As Citizens you pay taxes. There are public sector employee’s that have union contracts for a CalPERS style benefit package. As citizens of Ventura you are left on the hook if CalPERS investments do not meet the economic level to pay for these benefits. Wouldn’t you like to have the consideration to vote for a modified benefit package for future public sector employee’s? There’s at least one candidate that may be on your side in this case. I won’t tell you who that is.
Now that I’ve confused you with not having an answer to one question and refusing to tell you about a candidate, I will refer you to the statement at the top of this page. I will do one thing for you; provide you with the availability to contact the Candidates yourself. So your homework assignment is to contact the candidates and ask them my questions if you will, and yours preferably. You may add your comments to this article, but please contact these Candidates if you live in District 1 or 3.
1) Steve Bennett – [email protected]
2) David Grau –
1) Kelly Long –
2) Martin Hernandez – [email protected]
3) Dan Goldberg –
4) Carla Castilla –
5) Jesus Torres –
Official full candidate list:

Bill Hicks follows politics closely and resides in Thousand Oaks.


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William "Bill" Hicks

Again, Thanks Anna, and all the others that are contributing to this article.

William "Bill" Hicks

SH –
You are quite correct. Maybe this homework assignment could be to go to their contact box and ask the questions that put them on the spot for straight answers.

Good for you. You certainly understand why Thomas Jefferson made the quote at the top of the article.


FYI – The correct website information for Kevin Kildee and Martin Hernandez is:

Kevin Kildee:
Martin Hernandez:


I see nothing on any of these sites about pensions and with Ventura approaching the 10% level, this is a conversation that should be made public ..

William "Bill" Hicks

Ray…Thanks and apology

1) Mike Morgan –

2) Kevin Kildee –


Where’s the contact info for Mike morgan and Kevin Kildee?