Trouble in paradise: Combative meeting anticipated for Mandalay Shores Community Assoc Saturday 1-9-15

By George Miller

The last meeting of the Mandalay Shores Community Association on 11-19-15 was a doozy. Held at the nearby Waterside restaurant, the room was packed to overflowing and tempers were high. Issues in contention were short term house rentals, Association budget, dues increase, legal expenses, street flooding/drainage, even the very existence and utility of the association. 

Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 002

The meeting room was very crowded. We had the impression that the board was anticipating a small, quiet, calm meeting, but it was anything but.

OXCC111715 Mandalay 030

The Association board seemed totally unprepared for the large, angry crowd at the 11-19-125 board meeting at Waterside Restaurant on Harbor Blvd. Photo: George Miller/

At one point a member aggressively pushed his way past a speaker, in a way that was perceived by some as an assault. In fact, it resulted in a visit by the police and questioning of witnesses followed. We don’t know if a formal complaint or charges resulted.  Waterside personnel were mortified, telling me that nothing like this had ever happened at their restaurant.

OXCC111715 Mandalay 033

OPD officer responds to an assault accusation, 11-19-15, Waterside Restaurant on Harbor Blvd. Photo: George Miller/

Oxnard Councilman Bert Perello told me that he had been contacted by members who objected to the board blockling non-residents from attending the upcoming 1-9-16 meeting, which would presumably include city officials. The members had invited City Council members, police and Planning Dept.- as well as press- to attend. Perello feels that since the meeting will held in a public facility, all should be admitted. Chairman David Laufer didn’t return my call on this.

The association’s annual meeting will be held on Saturday and it should be “interesting,” from what we were told by several members

David Laufer President. 818-437-7096

Meeting Jan 9th at 10am Hollywood Beach Elementary School Auditorium 4000 Sunset Blvd., Oxnard, CA 93035

Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 011

Mandalay Shores is a beach paradise on Oxnard’s gold coast. Some properties are priced in the millions, but are way cheaper than comparable Malibu ones. Photo: George Miller/


Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 004

Near sunset at Mandalay Shores, looking out toward Santa Cruz Island, 18 nm offshore, 1-8-16. Photo: George Miller/


Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 003

Sand blown in by recent storms at Mandalay Shores, 1-8-16. Photo: George Miller/

Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 009


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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