‘This is an Offensive War’: An Inside Look at the Campaign to Take Down Hamas


Photo Credit Tera Dahl for Breitbart News

Photo Credit Tera Dahl for Breitbart News

GAZA BORDER, Israel– The demilitarization of Hamas is the only solution in the Israel Hamas conflict. This is the clear message here in Israel. This conflict is different than previous conflicts. “It will be ceasefire after ceasefire if you don’t demilitarize Hamas” said retired IDF General Gideon Avidor. “Hamas is not fighting to protect its people, but only to terrorize and kill Israeli’s, as long as they continue to fight against us, we must fight back.”

“The local population in Gaza understands that Hamas does nothing for them” said Avidor. “It is not only a military solution, but will take a political and economic solution” to support the people of Gaza to be free from the government of Hamas that has instilled fear and has oppressed the people since being elected in 2005. Hamas was elected in democratic elections in 2005 but never held elections again. 

“The population in Gaza is starting to realize that Hamas can’t govern, but the population is afraid of them because Hamas is not afraid to kill and terrorize its own people. They are waiting for someone else to do it because they are scared,” said Avidor. “We must reduce the power of Hamas to such a degree so the population can replace them with someone else, this will take the help of the international community.” He said that Gaza has the potential to become an area to build industry and tourism. “Gaza has beautiful beaches and agriculture, the people are smart and can turn Gaza into a better place to live”.

Former IAF Lt Col Reuven Ben-Shalom spoke to Breitbart News about the atrocities of Hamas: “The people in Gaza are not free civilians. Hamas uses civilians as human shields.” The IDF throws thousands of leaflets on Gazan civilians before they invade an area calling them to take their families and leave the area. The leaflets state that Israel is “fighting the terror organization of Hamas.” Hamas threatens the citizens by warning that if they leave, they will beat or kill them.

An IDF soldier told Breitbart News on the condition on anonymity that Hamas is dangerous to Palestinians because “Hamas wants the Caliphate. Palestine means nothing to them. They only care about the global caliphate… Since 2012, Hamas has planned this war, for two years. This is an offensive war.” Hamas started building the tunnels from Gaza into Israel two years ago, he explained, and “these tunnels are funded by Israel and the United States taxpayer.” The United States and international community pushed for reconstruction of Gaza since 2010, pressuring Israel to send in supplies. Israel has been sending cement and steel to Gaza, but instead of Hamas giving the supplies to the people of Gaza, they used that cement to build tunnels from Gaza into Israel.

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