Thomas Adams For Thousand Oaks City Council


My name is Thomas Adams and I want to represent you on our City Council. My wife and I have lived in Thousand Oaks for 20 years as a father, grandfather, business entrepreneur and life-long Christian. As a Constitutionalist, I believe government begins at the local level and will dedicate our campaign to promoting the values and voice of the people. As your City Council Member, I will strive for a cooperative government dedicated to responsible business growth, fiscal responsibility, public safety, and dedication to serve you, the citizen.  Please visit my website today and help our campaign for election to the Thousand Oaks City Council.


Fiscal Responsibility

    • Eliminate Excessive Taxes – Excessively high taxes are a burden for those exercising their personal liberty to work hard and prosper as afforded by the Constitution. A fiscally responsible government protects the freedom of its citizens to enjoy the fruits of their own labor without overbearing governmental interference.  Thomas Adams will promote responsible and efficient job creation by expediting governmental permit and approval processes to help our businesses.
    • Control the Local Debt – By implementing fiscally responsible policies at the local level, progress can be made toward eliminating the burden for the next generation, thus improving the city’s short-term and long-term economic health and prosperity.  Thomas Adams will emphasize financial transparency and fiscal sustainability in Thousand Oaks.

Public Safety

    • Support local Law Enforcement- The United States of America was founded on principles of liberty, justice, and the rule of law.  Thomas Adams will support and fund our uniform members and recognize their service to the city of Thousand Oaks.

Accountable Government

    • Promote Civic Responsibility – Citizen involvement at the local level allows the voice of the Thousand Oaks residents to be heard and directs the political behaviors of our representatives at both the local and national level so they, in turn, may be most effective in working to preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of this city’s citizens.
    • The strength and resilience of a grassroots movement is the ability of citizens at the local level to determine their own platforms, agendas and priorities free of an overriding central leadership. Its nature involves discourse about which policies and candidates best hold to our stated principles, and these various opinions should flourish and evolve at the local level.

For more information please visit:

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Sharon Op de Coul

I’d like to get a yard sign for my lawn. Can you let me know how to go about doing that? Thanks!

Citizen Reporter

His phone number and web site are listed right in the article,

Angela McConihay

Hello, met you and friends at Reagan Library at Judge Jeanine’s special night. Enjoyed the evening and conversation. Interested in hearing more about your platform. I’m not a social media person, Facebook, twitter etc. Please keep me in the loop via email for special events you host and/or participate in.