Thousand Oaks | 13 People Reported Dead After Shooting in California

Emma Colton Senior Editor

Editor’s Note, Police Officer He was Ron Helus, 29-years of service with the Ventura County Sherrif’s department, died at Los Robles Hospital from his wounds
From the Daily Mail:
  • “Ian Long, 29, opened fire at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Southern California, at 11.20pm 
  • He was dressed in all-black and let off at least 30 shots from a pistol with extended mags
  • Witnesses said Long also let off smoke grenades to confuse the terrified crowds
  • In April, police and mental health specialists were called to Long’s home after a disturbance but they cleared him instead of having him committed 
  • It is unclear if he bought his .45 caliber handgun after that incident or if he already owned it
  • The weapon was legally purchased in Ventura County but Long modified its magazine  
  • He killed himself after killing 11 people inside the bar and a sheriff’s sergeant who responded to the scene
  • There were around 100 people inside the bar, including some who were under 21, who were there to dance
  • The College Country Night is a regular fixture and youngsters from nearby colleges can go and stamp black X’s on their hands to mark that they won’t drink 
  • Some of those inside were students at Pepperdine University and others are thought to have gone to California Lutheran University – both are Christian schools” 
.At least 13 people, including a police officer, were shot and killed in a Southern California bar Wednesday night, according to authorities.

Police are reporting at least 10 other injuries in addition to the 13 killed in the Borderline Bar and Grill about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The suspected gunman was found dead.

“It’s a horrific scene in there, there is blood everywhere and the suspect is part of that, and I didn’t want to get that close and disturb the scene and possibly disturb the investigation,” Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said, according to CNN. 

The Ventura County sheriff said authorities are unsure of a motive, but said there are no links to terrorism(RELATED: Was Stephen Paddock Planning An Attack On LA?)

Sgt. Ron Helus, a 29-year law enforcement veteran, was one of the first law enforcement officers on the scene. He was shot and died early Thursday morning in the hospital, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks hosts “College Country Night” every Wednesday, which draws hundreds of people, according to The Associated Press.

“I was at the front door and I was talking to my stepdad. I just started hearing these big pops,” witness John Hedge told ABC 7. “Pop, pop, pop. There was probably three or four, I hit the ground. I look up — the security guard is dead. Well, I don’t want to say he was dead, but he was shot. He was down. The gunman was throwing smoke grenades all over the place. I saw him point to the back of the cash register … and he just kept firing. I ran out the front door.”

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From BBC News:

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