Thousand Oaks bans commercial medical marijuana

ColumnLogo-1By Bruce Boyer

The most significant meeting action was on the agenda item as recommended by Thousand Oaks City officials to prohibit State legal Medical Marijuana dispensaries and their home delivery from operating in Thousand Oaks.  The Council heard public comments from over a dozen residents who made every point possible to show all the good that these services provide as well as strong arguments for the liberty of people to engage in a business of their choice without a City Council having the power to make them illegal. They were ridiculed in that they refuse to have a public discourse, a public debate, that they do not respond to what the people say, they merely sit there and do as they wish. That they choose to wield  power that allows them to ‘permit’ businesses they approve of, such as the very good Manna food pantry, which asked for a zoning variance,. Yet the council prohibits ones they do not like- dispensaries, and that in doing so they rule over the people’s liberty.


The Council heard how to adopt such a prohibition is a violation of State law. They heard about the exposure to litigation that they would be exposing the City to if they prohibit what is legal under State law dispensaries and delivery services. They heard how such an ordinance will force City residents to go to other cities, if they can, and how they are forcing people to choose to break the City’s law. They heard the challenge of how could they think that putting  a person in jail is not worse for the person than whatever effects could come from for using medical marijuana? They heard the benefits the people receive if they can grow their own personal use, pesticide free. They heard how the use of medical marijuana has allowed a veteran to cope with his PTSD. They heard how a man who suffers from epileptic seizures uses it to reduce his seizures. They heard how a child who now uses it went from up to one hundred seizures a day to but two or three. They heard all that.

I did hear one self-proclaimed “progressive Democrat” who spoke in favor of the prohibition, suggesting that medical marijuana is a ‘gateway’ drug…. I would have thought that there would have been many people in attendance denouncing medical marijuana as a blight, terror, evil, destructive, immoral, et all. Not so.

The Council members told the people that they were deeply concerned, that they had compassion, how much they had learned, they cared….they just wanted to go slow, not rush into anything… They did agree to re-visit the issue, before the end of 2016! However, they all voted to adopt the ordinance to prohibit all dispensaries! So essentially they told the people that they have the power, and that they are exercising it. That if people feel they need their medical marijuana they can just get out of Thousand Oaks, or they are free to just suffer, suck it up, preferably without bothering the City Council…

Meeting agenda:

City Letter:

Bruce Boyer is the Chief Instigator of the SonsofLibertyLA. Since 2010 they have been a “boots on the ground” Civil Rights action group. The group gets out to take action to defend our Civil Rights as free men and women. They get out to shut down checkpoints, turn the tables on ‘gun-buy-backs’; speak out at City Council meeting; get the word out at public events and more. 


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William "Bill" Hicks

I could think of a myriad of things that some people could give, at least in their own minds, as logical reasons why any enterprise should be lawful and approved by a City Council. That doesn’t make the city council objection wrong, necessarily.

As you can likely assume, I agree with the city council decision. I have yet to see where people, given the choice to produce their own “medication,” have not abused it. I have yet to see the approval of “medical” marijuana not expand to recreational use.

I do not expect that I will change the minds of those who have already made theirs up, but any of those who haven’t. Please consider the long term effects by observing how things have progressed in Colorado and, given a few more years to, determine the good and bad of decisions like this.