Thousand Oaks Candidates Debate

By William Hicks

The debate was opened with a prayer by Evelyn Colby and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with Terry Howard. There were members of both the Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated and her Sister counterpart from Westlake Village. A scholarship was earned by Henry Herata for his essay on “What The Constitution Means To Me.” He will graduate from Newbury Park High School and will be attending Georgetown this coming fall. Dianne Henry said a few words about Henry prior to issuing the scholarship.

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cure Pledge of Allegiance ” width=”152″ height=”229″ /> Evelyn Colby Opening Prayer

Terry Howrd, <a href=

thumb Pledge of Allegiance ” width=”150″ height=”226″ /> Terry Howard, Pledge of Allegiance

Henry Herata, recipient of Scholarship

Henry Herata, recipient of Scholarship










Kerry Nelson, President of the Thousand Oaks Chapter, officiated the debate. Each candidate for the City Council Seat was given 12 minutes to explain why they should be elected to a recently vacated seat. There were no Q&A’s allowed at the debate. There were three candidates at this debate.


Don Roundtree

Dan Roundtree

The first candidate was Dan Roundtree. His parents had taught him at an early age how to contribute to the community. He is a product of U.C.L.A. and had worked for Barry Goldwater. He said,”In all his commitments he believed in Family first.” His children are products of our local school district. He has served on the Thousand Oaks Planning Commission. He feels what may be missing in The Thousand Oaks City Council is someone that has Financial Planning in their background, and he feels he could fill that need with his experience and education.

His top 5 priorities are:
1) Open Space, 2) Public Safety, 3) Prudent Financial Management, 4)Senior Citizens, 5) The Thousand Oaks Blvd. Project.



Ed Jones

Ed Jones


The second Candidate was Ed Jones. His recent service was as Director of The Conejo Recreation and Parks Department. He said he is a Republican because his Father encouraged him to be self reliant.

His top 5 priorities are:
1) Fiscal prudence, 2) City Service responsiveness, 3) Support of our local Fire and Police services, 4) Environment, especially our local Oak trees, 5) The planning of Thousand Oaks Blvd.





Rob McCoy

Rob McCoy


The third Candidate was Rob McCoy. He is a second generation Californian. He, and his family, are entrenched in service to the community. He has a History degree and is the Pastor to one of our local Churches. He has five children. His two sons are active in The Boy Scouts; one currently an Eagle Scout and the other working toward being an Eagle Scout. He emphasized that this is not a popularity contest and he refers back to the Nations Declaration of Independence with “We The People.” He said “I am a Citizen, just like you, ready to serve the community as a City Council Member.





*Photo Credits: William Hicks


William Hicks is a long time resident of Newbury Park and is retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District

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One Response to Thousand Oaks Candidates Debate

  1. Carla Bonney April 20, 2015 at 8:46 am

    It is ironic that Don Roundtree worked for Barry Goldwater. He is suggesting a “government” employee (former or not) should be the one to be on the City Council (which is to be in a somewhat oversight position as to the implementations of employees of the city) Also, he has seemed to throw out a tidbit for safety unions, that he will potentially be on their side for their continually escalating pensions.
    And “environment”…don’t we have enough NGO’s meddling in this.
    My take.


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