Thousand Oaks | MAGA Christmas Toy Drive and Curfew Defiance Rally – November 28th


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Rallies like this are why we are still in a pandemic. Get over yourselves. If you really want to “support those hit hardest” wear a mask, stop the spread, and actually care about your fellow man this holiday season. It doesn’t take the act of gift giving to show you are capable of empathy.


Aww get the Kung Flu . We refuse to peacefully Coexist.

Biden Won get over it.

Y’all are the stupidest group of people I have ever witnessed.


What the politicians actually think this pandemic has a curfew…like qait its 10 everyone go to bed so I can come out seriously what the heck!! We need to stand up for our rights!!

Robert J Shields

What on earth?


I (unfortunately) live in Thousand Oaks, and I’d just like to take a moment to say that these people who claim to be defending their “right” to be out past 10 pm, are almost NEVER actually out past 10 pm. Before the pandemic, hell, everything in town was pretty much closed up by 8!

Once I was driving in an empty parking lot by my house at around 10 at night, because I had just gotten my permit and wanted to practice parking, and I was pulled over by what was likely a very bored cop. As I trembled in my pajamas, because I’d obviously never been pulled over before, the cop interrogated me and claimed that “if I had been a man” that they would have already pulled their gun on me! I mean, seeing as I was out “SO LATE,” I was clearly up to no good, right??

THIS is the kind of city that Thousand Oaks is. Older, rich, white supremacists who literally have nothing else to do with their time then to pick on and belittle those around them. It’s admittedly gentrified quite a bit over the years, but the people are still the same.

Disclaimer: l do have hope for the younger generations. I’ve seen some kids here that have likely defied their upbringings in order to stand up for and protect others during this hellish year. Truly proud of those brave young folk.

Also, not all cops are trigger happy assholes, and not all old, white, and/or rich folk are necessarily bad. Because obviously. It’s just unfortunate that TO has gained such an unsightly reputation due to the idiots standing around and shouting the loudest (see flyer above for example).




If you worry about your health and/or your family’s health, stay home and/or stay away from people. Quit whining what everyone else does.


But when hundreds of protesters/rioters were on streets, ruining businesses, that was ok.

On the front lines

What is wrong with you people. Actually nevermind, natural selection at its best. Go do your thing

Chris Cornell

So so sad. “Let’s defy medical experts and inadvertently get somebody’s grandmother killed because, uh, politics?” Even the Pope came out and said that we need to be wearing masks. Masks and social distancing isn’t about taking away freedoms, it’s about caring and looking out for each other.

A guy

Fight for the cause of whining about a pandemic? “What we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.”

Combat Veteran

Oooooooh breaking curfew, how edgy. May I recommend the Red KoolAid?


Ten bucks says everyone at this “defiance rally” will be staying out past 10pm for the first time in years.


Bring your $10 if you have any money at all.

Billie Goathe

Sheep will ALWAYS do as they’re told. Not me or mine. Unable to get up off their backs, literally FARMED.. need DOGS to keep them in line. Shear them once and their wool just keeps coming back. We will prevail, not just graze.


According to Wikipedia, a billie goathe and a sheep belong to the same subfamily of Bovidae called Caprinae. Baa baa


Will those pointy hoods be provided or do people need to bring their own?


Dershowitz is one of the most prominent Liberal Constitutional attorneys in the nation, silly boy.

Joe Smith

Bring your own buddy. However, there will be lots of free bleach and hardly used needles.


Yeah these local sjw Commie Leftist Scumbags got a really big nasty surprise coming.. I refuse to coexist.



Happy Realist

You mean the Democrat Party-approved masks the racist, anti-capitalist, anti-black, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic KKK used to wear?
And why ask such a pointed question? (“Will those pointy hoods be provided or do people need to bring their own?”)

Go ask the ‘Democratic’ Club of the Conejo Valley. They should know!


The library has asked that you return the book you checked out 120 years ago. C Collier will split the fine with you.

C. Collier

The pointy hoods will only be needed if democrats show up. They are, after all, the party of the Klan.


“Proud Boys: stand by…”
-Donald J. Trump 09/29/2020


@C. Collier, I fixed some minor spelling errors in your comment. “The pointy hoods will only be needed if democrats republicans show up. They are, after all, the party of the Klan.”