Tim Donnelly announces that he is running for Congress

As I once again swore an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic”, it made me wonder if the founders envisioned a time when the very government formed to protect and safeguard our natural, unalienable rights, has become the greatest threat to them.
The insurgency of 2016 is a natural response.

It is inevitable that the pendulum of power should sweep back with tremendous force and momentum to dislodge those who’ve taken it for granted that it was “their turn” to rule.

I’m running for Congress–not to become a Congressman–but to stand against the unnoticed, everyday tyrannies of the political class.  The political establishment knows no party, only a relentless and insatiable hunger for power.

If you want to send the political elites who’ve controlled our politics far too long, please join me in this Great Cause–the Cause of Liberty.

Sign up to volunteer, send us $5 or $10 and share with all your friends who are concerned about government coercion and the loss of our freedom and natural rights.

Send a Minuteman To Washington DC!


Tim Donnelly 

P.S. Make sure you listen to my last broadcast of the Tim Donnelly Show at 3pm on Talk960 or online. I’m going to be talking to conservative rockstar, author and commentator Michelle Malkin, Actors Rob Schneider, Morgan Brittany, Nick Searcy and Basil Hoffman, Politichicks Ann-Marie Murrell and Dr. Gina Loudon. Many others will be calling into my final show as well to wish me luck in this race.


Our mailing address is:
Donnelly for Congress
P.O. Box 426
Twin Peaks, CA 92391

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