‘It’s Time To Call Out the Obamacare Republicans’



By Michael Hernandez

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, challenged his national audience to “call out the Obamacare Republicans” even as President Donald Trump was meeting with GOP Senators at the White House with a message of “repeal and replace.  “I’m sitting in oval office with a pen in my hand waiting.”

President Trump on Wednesday told Republican senators he doesn’t want Congress to leave Washington for the August recess until lawmakers pass a health care bill.

“Frankly, I don’t think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people great health care,” Trump said during a lunch with senators at the White House. “Because we’re close. We’re very close.” 

Patriots must rise up now and make phone calls to the GOP Senators that are considering joining together to support Obamacare and “shoot down” its repeal.  They can be contacted through the U.S. Senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or by calling their direct lines at the Capitol:

  1. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski: (202) 224-6665
  2. Kansas Senator Jerry Moran: (202) 224-6521
  3. Maine Senator Susan Collins: (202) 224-2523
  4. Nevada Senator Dean Heller: (202) 224-6244
  5. Ohio Senator Rob Portman: (202) 224-3353
  6. Utah Senator Mike Lee: (202) 224-5444
  7. West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito: (202) 224-6472

The vote most likely will be scheduled next Tuesday.   However, all the above U.S. Senators (except for Senator Susan Collins) voted in 2015 to repeal Obamacare knowing that President Barack Obama would veto such an action.  Both Nevada Senator Dean Heller and Ohio Senator Rob Portman face election contests in 2018 with Senator Heller running in a state which Hillary Clinton won.  Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, West Virgina Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and Maine Senator Susan Collins will have terms finished in 2020.  Both Utah Senator Mike Lee and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran ran in 2016 on an anti-Obamacare platform. 

Sekulow tweeted Tuesday, “Was the 2015 vote repealing Obamacare a real vote or an election vote?”  Sekulow, said, “If these Republicans do not repeal Obama care they show they can’t be trusted.  Repeal or be replaced. What is the point of electing Republicans, if they betray their constituents.”

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to take a six-week recess beginning July 29th.   The GOP has a 52-48 margin but all the Democrats are unified in wanting to keep President Barack Obama’s legacy healthcare legislation.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s web site in the 2016 campaign said:  “Senator Rob Portman believes that Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with reforms that will actually lower costs and improve the quality of our health care.”

Pro-abortion liberal Republican Sens. Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Shelley Moore Capito (WV) are saying they will not vote in favor of an Obamacare repeal bill.

President Trump won Alaska by 15 points and was a landslide victor in West Virginia.  On Tuesday, Moran said in a statement to the Kansas City Star that he would support efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.

Obamacare is dead.  In 14 of the 17 counties in Nevada, there is no health care insurance—all the firms have withdrawn.  In over 1,000 counties in America, out of 3,000, there is either one choice or no choice.

There are legal challenges to the unconstitutional subsidies to the insurance companies.  We are beginning to see the insurance companies announcing more double digit increases for next year.  Last year 6.5 million paid the IRS a penalty rather than pay for health insurance.  This is a system that is in a death spiral.

Billions of your tax dollars goes to propping up the insurance industry which is facing a legal challenge.  Without those subsidies it is possible that the cost of Obamacare would have to DOUBLE in order to not lose money. 

Some in the GOP would rather act like Democrats then legislate in the best interests of Americans. 

Meanwhile, President Trump’s two top health officials and Vice President Mike Pence became fixtures in closed-door GOP conference meetings on Capitol Hill, along with other key advisors such as Budget director Mick Mulvaney and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. The administration had hoped the policy expertise of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma would be enough to convince GOP Senators.

“I think those Republicans who promised to repeal ObamaCare ought to vote the same way they voted in 2015,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). “If you’re not willing to vote the same way you voted in 2015, then you need to go back home and you need to explain to Republicans why you’re no longer for repealing ObamaCare.”

The 2015 ObamaCare repeal bill passed the Senate 52-47, with Collins and then-Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) being the only Republicans to oppose it.  The 2015 measure guts ObamaCare by repealing authority for the federal government to run healthcare exchanges and scrapping subsidies to help people afford plans bought through those exchanges. It zeros out the penalties on individuals who do not buy insurance and employers who do not offer health insurance.

The 2015 bill would have repealed key parts of Obamacare and eliminated Planned Parenthood’s mandatory government spending funds under Medicaid for a period of one year. Had former President Barack Obama signed the repeal bill, those funds would have been redirected to other community health centers that provide primary care and preventive services – including contraception, prenatal care, and mammograms in many locations.

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report shows many of its non-abortion services have declined, while the number of abortions it performs and its profits have increased. The abortion vendor has also never performed preventive care mammograms, though its president, Cecile Richards, and its political allies – including former President Barack Obama – have said that it does.

The Drudge Report headline:  “MOST UNPRODUCTIVE CONGRESS IN 164 YEARS.”

Conclusion:  Republicans have campaigned on repealing and replacing ObamaCare for the past seven years.  It is time to do so!  Otherwise, we are ready to vote you out of office!

(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres – as a “City Upon A Hill”; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships.)

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected].

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Mark Savalla

Called them all left msg.

William Hicks

I have contacted each office requesting a clean repeal of 0-Care. These are the results:

1) Murkowski – Left my message.
2)Moran – Will vote for a clean repeal.
3) Collins – Left message.
4) Heller – Left message.
5) Portman – left message.
6) Lee – Will vote for a clean repeal.
7) Moore – left message.

William Hicks

We should have known that republican politicians were not serous about repealing 0-care when they had the majority in Congress, and the power of the purse, and didn’t do it then.

Whats the point of voting for republicans when they go back on their word?