Tips on How to Become a Top Fleet Manager


By Drew Allen

While it is never easy being a fleet manager, there are certain behaviors and attitudes that you can adopt to become the best in what you do. If you want to excel as a fleet manager, here are some tips to do just that.

Corporate Understanding

The first thing you will need to do is develop a thorough understanding of your company, how it runs, and its culture, as well as the role of your fleet within the company itself. This will enable you to direct your fleet in such a way as to maximize its support of company objectives.

Identify Problem Areas

The ability to identify problem areas in the company you work for is also another key talent to becoming a successful fleet manager. You should be able to identify how to make things run more efficiently. Whether this is ways to decrease expenditures on fuel or how to reduce instances of maintenance, your company will certainly value any effort you put into being able to minimize expenditures without compromising integrity.

Keep Track of Vehicles

Embracing technology, especially that lets you gain real time visibility of any vehicle in your fleet at any time, is also needed. In fact, you can check out this helpful guide that highlights all of the above-mentioned requirements and more. It will help you optimize the fleet so that it is running like a well-oiled machine.

Presentation to Those Who Make the Decisions

A great fleet manager should know exactly how to present any problems to those at the helm of the corporation. This skill is how you will be able to have funds greenlighted to be able to spend them and solve the problems in question. Remember, the issues won’t sell themselves, you have to be able to sell them to those in charge.

Using Data as A Tool

With the above being kept in mind, it is crucial that you be able to present fact- or science-backed data to the decision-makers. It’s very easy to argue with a person, but it is difficult to argue with facts.

Make the Change

If you have the ability to make a positive change for the company, do so. One of the signs of a great leader is the ability to get those on his team to trust him or her. If you always talk of making a change but are too fearful to do so when the opportunity presents itself, your team will develop a lack of trust in you.

Include Everybody

Try to include everyone who will be affected by your decisions, whether these effects are good or bad. People are far more likely to accept decisions when they feel they have been involved in making them. While you may not be able to do so all of the time, it is a sign of respect to your employees or team members if you at least make an attempt. If you have the backing of your team, it can also make it easier to sway the decision of higher-ups.

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