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    TO: Arrest Of Robbery Suspect

    News Release

    On 04/11/2022, an unidentified female entered a Nordstrom Rack store, located in the city of Thousand Oaks. The female proceeded to place merchandise into a purse she brought with her and exit the store without paying for the merchandise. A loss prevention officer followed the female out of the store and confronted her about the stolen items. The female became aggressive with the loss prevention officer and used force against him. The female left the area in her vehicle.

    On 04/12/2022, detectives with the East Valley Major Crimes Unit initiated an investigation into identifying the female suspect. East Valley Major Crimes Detectives were able to successfully identify the female as Karman Ohare. They also learned Ohare was a transient, who was known to frequent the city of Ventura.

    East Valley Major Crimes Detectives reached out to members of the Ventura Police Department’s Patrol Task Force for assistance in locating Ohare. The Ventura Police Department’s Patrol Task Force specializes in working primarily with the transient population in Ventura.

    On 04/15/2022, the Ventura Police Department’s Patrol Task Force contacted Ohare in the city of Ventura. East County Major Crime Detective’s responded and arrested Ohare for violation of PC 211 – Robbery.

    Ohare was quickly located and arrested due to the combined efforts and professional working relationship between the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the Ventura Police Department.

    Ohare’s bail was set at $200,000, with a court date of 04/19/22 at 1:30 pm.



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    Karman Chia O’Hare
    Karman Chia O’Hare
    3 months ago

    After purchasing a $99 pair of high heels I was falsely accused of theft by a security guard who then followed me out to my car and began taking photos of my license plate harassing me while I tried to leave and continuing to falsely accuse me of theft. After this incident I was also falsely accused of theft in the pacific view mall at which point the police were contacted and upon arrival found no stolen merchandise on me and I was not charged because I didn’t steal anything because I’m not a thief. Ventura county has no knowledge of customer service and their store employees love to attack, shamelessly profile, harass, and discriminate against whoever is unfortunate enough to be a victim at any given time based solely on the employees/ businesses personal discretion. Also, this incident occurred in the summer of 2021. You should really cross reference at least get the only actual (being so few and far in between) facts about the unnecessarily publically published for reasons unknown since it’s really not at all interesting or again, necessary for any reason other than to make me look bad in a desperate attempt for a story worth reading.



    That doofus from Lancaster
    That doofus from Lancaster
    3 months ago

    Look in the mirror, take your time, there is something about you that says
    “thief” or “weirdo” or “trouble maker”, which is it. Don’t blame everyone else for your obvious flaws. You, society, the mall, the police, me–will be better off when you self correct.

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