Tom Adams for TO City Council | ‘Vote For Prop 6’


By Timothy Bond


Tom Adams

As a 46-year resident of Thousand Oaks and a registered independent voter, being neither a Republican or Democrat, I want to take an opportunity here to encourage you to vote for Thomas Adams for our city council.

I have known Tom for years.  He is a father, husband, grandfather, entrepreneur, and a good friend.  He has a genuine heart for public service and he wants to help our local government work better for us.  I spent 30 years in public service and I know, first-hand, people like Tom do not come around very often.  We need him desperately on our city council.   

Tom values personal liberty, and he knows that each dollar of yours the city takes, is a dollar you cannot spend on your family: to fill your gas tank, for your food & water bills, healthcare, for vacations or your child’s education and activities.  Tom knows that housing costs are astronomically high in Thousand Oaks, and that taking more of your money through fees and taxes is not going to help lower the cost of housing.  It can only make it harder to pay the mortgage or the rent.

Voting for Tom for city council is in line with voting YES on Proposition 6 to repeal the crazy gas tax increase.  A quick look at my Gas Buddy app tells me that we pay more for gasoline in the Conejo than they do in places like Manhattan, NY.  I was able to find gas cheaper in Honolulu – That’s nuts!  

Our state government perpetually makes promises it does not keep.  Why should any of us believe we will actually benefit more from paying the state more through the gas pumps than if we kept that money to spend directly on our families, in our daily lives?  Don’t you know what is best for your own life better than politicians and bureaucrats know about the roads you drive on?

Who wants to keep pay ridiculously high prices at the pump?  The answer:  people who don’t realize that our neighbors who suffer the most by paying more for government polices are single mothers, working families and business owners.  

Voting for Tom on the city council is voting for the quality of life of our entire community!  Tom will help make the city more fiscally responsible.  He will promote civic responsibility.  That means, again, more money in your pockets and a city government more responsive to the issues you care about! 

Being a retired fire department chief officer I know Tom values our public safety as his highest priority.  Please vote for Thomas Adams for city council.

Candidates like Tom Adams, Amy Chen, Craig Everett and Angie Simpson, need our help.  We cannot expect our local government representatives to change based on the actions of others.  These candidates are everyday citizens stepping into the fray.  They rely on our support and our votes.   If we remain silent we guarantee little can change.  To persuade people to vote for anything or for someone, requires speaking and sharing our opinions and the words of the candidates themselves with our friends, neighbors and others.  Other candidates need our help too.  But please think of our local offices being the most critical, because they form the bench for future offices.    

Please volunteer just a few hours with any, some, or all of these campaigns, to help change the face of local politics.  I have done it, and I was surprised to discover how good it feels to help change things for the better.  

We have a lot to be hopeful for here in California, only IF we embrace the need to pitch in and help the people who are willing to put their names on a ballot, to serve us.  


Timothy Bond, a Thousand Oaks resident, is a retired fire department chief officer and now generously volunteers his time as copy editor for Citizens Journal

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